Friday, 20 January 2012

Rain, Modern Warfare 3 and Mike the headless chicken.

Good afternoon interweb, I had a monumental idea this morning but didn’t like it so I ignored it.
I wonder how many wonderful things have been ignored or not ripened to fruition because the thinker didn’t like the idea?
Anyway, the weather is still a pale shade of shite outside and there is still no news on the state of the Truck.
I am currently having to borrow my mothers car to get about which is a tiny little fiat thing. I bang my head on the roof every time I get in to the thing and the pedals are so close together that when I stamp my size nines on the break I hit the accelerator at the same time.
Not a good move really and very alarming the first time it happens as well.
Are all Italians short arsed small footed pygmies of some sort? Anyway it gets me about so I shouldn’t really complain I just do because I can.
Nothing informative or educational today I'm afraid just me rambling on.
I was playing MW3 last night with Insomnime (Maria she's Swedish you know) whilst carrying out a few tests to try and sort out the connection issues that I have been getting.
It appears that by turning off upnp in the router settings you will get a moderate nat type which in effect stops you from getting host and lagging like a biatch shopping for new shoes.
When I started out on the game back in November KDR was a very low 0.64, this has not improved a great deal due to the horrendous connection issues but it has been steadily climbing and reached the dizzy heights of 0.75. Still not brilliant but I have noticed that It has been going positive or very near positive since switching off the upnp. Dont think it will go up much more as I can't camp to save my life and run around everywhere like a headless chicken, which incidently can live quite a long time. Really, look up Mike the headless chicken on google.
 The game play in general is a lot smoother and no freezing or jumping around the screen.
That is until the clock strikes 01.00 hours. It appears that at this time they must switch something to give UK players, or maybe just me (way too paranoid) a big stiff tree up the arse.
 I have mentioned this to Bev as well and he has the same issues.
That aside I had a few games with Johnnymac as well. I made the mistake of joining his lobby forgetting that he pretty much only plays Hardcore. LOL. HC TDM on Bakaara with an opposing team made up entirely of snipers. Oh the fun when your used to playing Kill Confirmed to playing HC team camp match. Slaughtered them though when I actually slowed down my game play to suit.
Right then I suppose I better go and iron a shirt for work tonight, on till 01.00 hours, oh Ill be home in time for that big stiff tree then, must remember the lube :)
Anyway interweb that's enough rambling from me for one day,
And so to the drivel part of today's blog,
“The secret of life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived.”
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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