Monday, 16 January 2012

Frost, bullets and over priced sandwiches!!

Hello interweb, as I write this it is still morning, the sun is streaming in through the office blinds and yet as I look out of the window there appears to be a very severe frost out there. Don’t think ill have a wander just yet then.
Right then, Monday the start of a new week and I wonder just what it will bring.
What it didn’t bring for me was the ability to go straight to sleep in the early morning hours after work and so I started thinking again. (facepalm).
I remembered a film I watched ages ago called “Flashback” I think it was Kaz who made me watch it but it was a very good film, possibly the only one she has ever chosen that was worth watching EVER.
Anyway at the end some guy gets shot from the back of a moving train only to survive and explain to another lead character that “you can’t get shot from the back of a moving train”.
 I have no idea why my mind decided I should think about this at 02.00 hours this morning but it did.
Right then now the science bit. Whilst it would probably be very difficult to shoot somebody from the back of a moving train due to it rolling around and moving and stuff it would actually be possible.
You see for the sake of an example we will take the term “relative” and a train that is perfectly smooth travelling on a perfectly straight track at 1000 mph. Yes I know pause for laughter, like that will ever happen.
Now then If I went to the front of this train and fired a gun that sent a bullet out at 1000 mph then “relative” to myself and the train, the bullet would move away from us at 1000mph however “relative to the ground which is stationary the bullet would be travelling at 2000 mph.
Right then, let us move to the back of the train, past the buffet car selling way over priced sandwiches and to the last car looking back down our perfectly straight track.
OK now if I fire a bullet from the back of the train the bullet still travels away from myself and the train at 1000 mph but “relative” to the stationary ground we must subtract the speed of the train, so in effect the bullet would simply drop to the ground.
Technically the guy was right but the train in the film was travelling nowhere near 1000 mph,  so sorry but Hollywood got the science wrong AGAIN.
It still looks bloody cold out there but I would like to leave you with some more drivel,
Facts are facts and will not simply disappear because you choose to ignore them and never regret something that once made you smile, however naughty it was !!!
Peace out y'all THE BAGSTAXXX

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