Monday, 23 January 2012

Free speech, not in this country!

Hello interweb, still no Truck, this is starting to get me down now. I do look ridiculous unfolding myself from my mother’s Fiat every time I need to go anywhere in a car.
 It is very good of her to loan it to me when I need it but Ive been without my beloved planet buster for nearly a week now and an interesting week it has been for free speech.
England once again has come under attack by what can only be described as religious zealots, nutters and morons.
A perfectly legal meeting at a London college about Sharia law hosted by Anne Marie Waters had to be abandoned after a religious fanatic burst in and filmed everybody with his mobile phone, he then proceeded to inform them that he knew where they all lived and if anything bad was said about the prophet Mo he would hunt them down.

All I can say is he’s a very lucky boy I was not present as I would have taken his phone off him and shoved it so far up his arse that nobody need worry.
The most distressing thing about this episode is the fact that in a democratic country a meeting has to be called off due to intimidation, also the lack of public outcry over the issue is very disturbing, not many column inches given to it at all. People simply accept it as part of life.
What did hit the news (but was not widely reported) was University college London when it published a picture on it’s fb page of Jesus sitting down with Mo to have a drink. The group that called for the image to be banned was given a fair hearing in the media despite it’s call for censorship whilst extremist websites and bloggers did the usual flounce calling for Allah to” destroy these creatures, worse than dogs” oh get over yourself you pathetic lump of nothingness.
Sir Salman Rushdie cancelled an appointment to appear at the Jaipur literary festival after been told that assassins from the Mumbai underworld had been dispatched to “eliminate” him.
What happened to free speech?, what happened to democracy? Why is there not utter uproar over these issues? Why are not the people in power doing something about it?
Not one of the people involved in the above incidents were doing anything illegal, threatening or abusive. Unlike the extremists that were convicted for inciting hatred against homosexuals, I hope they have fun in the showers.
It seems we all just take it on the chin for fear of being accused of racism. It isn’t racism it’s common bloody sense.
 I have many friends from different religious backgrounds and beliefs and they are as shocked as I am that people are simply allowed to get away with it. It has been left to the National Secular Society to state that a fundamental human right is being eroded in the name avoiding offense.
Why in a democratic society do people have to live in fear of speaking their mind due to the intimidation of a minority of extremist individuals?
Right then, rant over.

The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you've got it made.
Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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