Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A year in the life of Bagsta, a brief review ;)

Hello interweb, well that’s Christmas out of the way for another year, Hurrah. Just got new years eve to go and Im working till midnight so a none event for me this year. Never mind I'm sure ill have a glass or two of Moet after picking Fi up from the pub and giving a lift home to whoever needs one.
I'm currently listening to the dulcet tones of Melody Gardot  “my one and only thrill” whilst sipping a very frothy cappuccino and dropping crumbs on my keyboard from a very nice mince pie.
I went to the gym this morning and for the first time in over a month I actually managed to do a bit more of a workout than looking at the pretty ladies. 30K in 60 minutes on the bike, I would usually follow this up with a run but I'm breaking myself back in gently so called it a session at that. This mince pie really is very good.
OK, so new year is on the horizon and so in a traditional way I will take a look back at the year past. Well at least some of my year past.
February brought the start of my blog and my ranting and raving about numerous things that would generally annoy me. It was in the hope that by putting it all down here I would channel my irritable self after stopping smoking. Well the jury is still out on that one but I still havn’t had a cigarette since Feb 12th.
We went to the Maldives in May and I got to swim with Manta Rays which was possibly the most amazing thing I have ever done in my 42 years on this planet.
I took up going to the gym in an effort to shed a few pounds and lower my blood pressure which it did but at times it was not the most comfortable of ventures,
I have had a go at the tree hugging greenies out there on more than one occasion and have yet to find out how ice can melt at minus 32 degrees, “a bit”
I have discussed vain attempts to reach the speed of light in order to travel to other planets, Charity, Warlords, Famine, War, Genocide, Whales, frogs, bullying, ramblers, conversational hypnosis, Dugong, reincarnation and even challenged Darwin's theories of evolution amongst many other subjects.
And so now to take a look at some of the past years favourite photographs from my point of view, the ones I like the best. 
Sunset in the Maldives.
Manta Ray, off Manta Point in the Indian Ocean

Pelicans at Druif Beach in Aruba

Closed shop at Baby Beach SE Aruba

The adorable Candy Dulfer.

And as a parting shot for the day remember that everything you've learned in school as "obvious" becomes less and less obvious as you begin to study the universe. For example, there are no solids in the universe. There's not even a suggestion of a solid. There are no absolute continuums. There are no surfaces. There are no straight lines.
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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