Sunday, 25 December 2011

Work, Christmas and new ps3!!!

Hello interweb, well here we are on Christmas day. I'm at work at the moment and visiting poorly people with a doctor who is endevouring to make them better. Fi and myself kind of passed each other this morning as she finished work I headed off to work, oh well I'm sure it will be a nice dinner when we eventually get round to it. It's a very windy Christmas day up here in Yorkshire and wet as well. 
Was playing mw3 last night with Bev n blazing till about midnight, good laugh till ps3 overheated again, started up again which was good and today my old fatty will be replaced with a slim model.  
Right then, four and a half hours left to over indulgence begins, oh and I've still got a bloody cold, that's four frikkin weeks now.
Merry Christmas and peace out y'all

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