Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tissues, Television and the Big Bang!!!!!!

Good afternoon interweb, If I were you id be wearing a hard hat at the moment.
I need to find the heat gun to fix the ps3 and I have a strange feeling that it is not at our house.
So that means Monday, Tuesday and now Wednesday will be spent with no gaming. Gutted.
I still have influenza and have tried to get an appointment to see the doctor, Well that was a joke. I can probably be fitted in sometime late next week.
Well to be honest I think I will either be better through natural healing or I will be dead.
I am filling a waste paper basket everyday with used tissues and this is not through excessive masturbation but through the volume of snot my body is producing. 

I have not really realised how much complete and utter shite there is on the television until not having an option of watching it.
When did the people of the world consider reality car crash television as an appropriate thing to view? X Factor, Strictly, Britain's got twats, mostly shown on prime time slots. It is of little wonder the country is in the state that it is with people actually watching this tripe.
 Why do people watch EastEnders? Surely if they are watching a show like that they have enough problems in their own life without having to absorb the shite that revolves around a cafe in the East End of London.
Big Brother, is that show still on? Mostly watched by 30 something single women with cats or gay men.
I will say that this is an observation and I am not having a go at either group it is simply an observation. I actually am aware of a person who took their annual leave so that they could watch the whole show. Really?
I have so far been spared the rankness that is the “ I used to be a z list celebrity but now I am nothing get me out of here “, Nor managed to catch even a second of it so far so Hurrah for that with knobs on.
Now what to have for tea, a bit limited with one working gas ring and a microwave really.
Maybe send out for something.
I'm supposed to be working tonight at the hospital but I really don’t thing anybody would thank me for coughing all over them and sneezing in their general direction, let alone been in the warm germ rich producing confines of a car with me.
I think the final part of Frozen Planet is on BBC1 tonight which is worth the license fee itself and about the only worthwhile thing on TV at the minute. It has been a seven part series which no doubt will be release on DVD just in time for Christmas or is that the cynic in me trying to get out again.
Oh well I guess after that I will probably spend the rest of the evening drinking red wine and finding out the finer points of what happened at the moment of singularity at the time of the big bang. You see there was nothing before the big bang because time did not exist which would mean there had to be a particle of such vast density that light could not escape its gravitational field and therefore it is impossible for time to exist. Much like a black hole really. In the beginning there was nothing and then according to the laws of quantum physics a proton burst onto the scene and caused absolute bloody chaos.
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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