Friday, 2 December 2011

Snot, girlies and seduction!

Hello interweb, I am writing to you today through very blurry eyes and a stuffed up nose.
You see I got a bit of a cold at the start of the week and thought that it may be gone by the weekend. Oh how wrong I was, I am now struggling to breath have a fever am shivering and am astounded at the volume of snot the human body can produce.
It has progressed from a cold to full blown man flu or influenza of some kind and I'm sure I'm dying. Sympathy in our house however stops at the age of 16 due to Fi being a children's nurse so I can just jolly well stop whinging. Not that I was whinging but I can just stop it anyway.
Well with the inability to leave the house for want of not infecting everybody else I decided yesterday to begin doing some archiving of photographs.
It’s been a while, I mean I'm talking stuff that I took on film. Yep film. Fp4 black and white film to be precise.
I would process it for an extra 30 seconds to give it a high key effect when printed and became quite a trademark in the model industry back in the late eighties.
Ah they were the days, Not a care in the world other than trying to get that one shot bang on, I was never satisfied and to this day I still am probably the biggest critique of my own work.
I remember the first photograph I ever had published, it was in Practical photography magazine, October 1989 page 111,

the magazine made up a load of bollocks about me only being at the studio for 10 minutes and getting the chance to shoot Lisa but then picture editors have been doing that on page 3 photographs for many years. I'm still waiting for the portfolio case to arrive that I won with the shot but I'm not holding my breath.
I love working with new models, they have no attitude that the more established ones have and shoots are always a top laugh. If I'm honest I cant really call it work, I'm getting paid to do my hobby and I love it. 

With the advent of digital photography I had a very steep learning curve and am still learning to be honest. The hardest part is using the software. I see people today taking photographs with digital cameras and they take loads of shots, sometimes its like a sub machine gun going off in the hope that they will get a keeper. You can always spot a photographer who cut their teeth on film as they get it right usually first time in camera. That's the difference between a photographer and somebody who can use a camera.
Anyway I haven’t done much archiving as I got distracted by the pics and wandering down memory lane and putting a little video together of some shots.

Bloody hell I feel like shite, really this is not good. My nose looks like I'm auditioning for a part as Rudolph in the pantomime and when I try to talk it sounds like I've been punched in the nose and the blood hasn’t stopped flowing yet.
Never mind, I'm sure it will eventually be gone and I can return to being able to leave the house and get on with things.
And so interweb for today’s pearl of wisdom and my mind turns to seduction,
“Seduction isn’t making someone do what they don’t want to do. Seduction is enticing someone into doing what they secretly want to do already.”
Oh and one more thing that I have come to realise, Stoop and you will be stepped upon, yet if you stand tall you will be shot at".

Peace out y'all SNOTTGOBLERXXX

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