Thursday, 15 December 2011

Gym's, slaughter and Christmas Dinner!!!

Good afternoon interweb, And how are we today? I am a great deal better than I have been for some weeks but feel as though there is still fluid around my lungs and still have a slight fever.
I did despite still been a trifle ill manage to go to the gym this morning for the first time in about two and a half weeks.
Ouch, was quite a shock to the system how quickly one can get out of shape. I only managed  12K on the bike followed by a 1.5K run. This is a massive drop from the 30K on the bike followed by a 5K run and weight training thrown in as well which is what I was doing. Maybe when I'm fully recovered things will be easier, I guess my diet hasn’t exactly been helping either. Oh well, never mind.
The situation at the moment over in the middle east is not getting any easier which is making getting permits to enter Kurdistan controlled Iraq very difficult.
Taking a brief look at Syria for a moment it is my belief that this will be the next country where all hell will break loose if you don’t think that it hasn’t already.
Just like in Iraq under Soddin insane, the wall of fear that has been in place for years has been breached and the rest of the world is watching.
 President Assad didn’t really come out of his interview the other day with an American reporter smelling of roses.

He basically claimed that the United Nations were not really an organisation that should be taken seriously and that they lie.
He claims that Syria is stable despite thousands of people been killed in recent weeks.
Does the fact that peaceful protests against the regime permeated in the city of Daraa in the south of Syria after the security authorities arrested and tortured a group of children who wrote anti-regime slogans on walls, sound stable? because it doesn’t to me.
Murder, torture and arrests increase with each protest and over 5000 people have been slaughtered, and many more thousands of men, women and children have been imprisoned.
The international response to the situation in Syria has differed from the reaction to revolutions in other Arab countries.
There was clear hesitation and confusion in the West, where some leaders described Assad as a reformer, some as a friend, and still others remained silent until eventually there were calls for Assad to step down.
The Syrian case was raised at UN Security Council and was vetoed by Russia and China. They anticipated a repeat of the process that lead to the overthrowing of the regime in Libya, however Russia’s support for Syria is part of its strategy to maintain its own international position.
All I see is yet further proof that the middle-east will destroy itself in time. I sometimes wonder whether it is our place to intervene against these dictators, these people who remove their subjects basic human rights and torture and murder men, women and children on a daily basis.  Then I remember that I am not a softy softy ice cream seller middle of the road liberal and think, HELL YEAH, lets rock. What the alternative is does not bear thinking about and people in our country would do well to have a think about what the consequences would be if countries like ours failed to act.
In other news, we now have a brand new gas hob and electric oven gracing our kitchen, gracing it they may be but fitted and working they ain't. DOH!
Kevin the racing snake will be calling round tomorrow to fit the oven and sort out the electrics as he is a bit of a whizz at that sort of thing and then we will just need to find a gas safe fitter to plumb in the gas hob. Huzzah.
 At this rate we may get to cook a Christmas dinner after all.

And so to today’s pearls of wisdom.
 “Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.”
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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