Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Appliance failure, dead ps3, BAH HUMBUG!!!

Hello interweb, it has been an interesting few days, actually replace interesting with damn annoying and you may get a better picture of my frame of mind.
You see the household appliances are failing at an alarming rate and this is leading to evermore expenditure that we could really  do without.
The new gas hob we have is sitting in its box on the dining room table waiting for a gas safe fitter to fit it but I don’t know one.
This has resulted in Fi deciding that one of the nurses she works with has a husband who is qualified to gas safe standards and we can get him to fit it.
The only problem with this plan is that Fi is currently in Northern Ireland with family leaving me with one functioning gas ring and a microwave. You see the oven has died as well so there will go another few hundred quid. DOH!
To round off a bad few days I drop off my dearly beloved at the airport and drive home with ever failing health to look forward to a week of uninterrupted PS3 time only to cough up half a lung and do myself a bit of a mischief.
Think I'm going to have to give in on this and go get some anti bionics of some sort.
You would think that with all the things failing at the moment not much else could go wrong,
I really should know better. I manage to get the Gold trophy on one of the latest time trials on GT5 when “click” yep, Red Light Of Death on the PS3. 

Now don’t get me wrong the thing owes me nothing after around 4 years of gaming on it but it could have got the timing a bit better.
I home alone for a week damn it. I have germs that would wipe out civilisations so no visitors, a stock pile of strong alcohol to make me feel better, god only knows how many packets of lemsip, cans of soup (remember I only have one gas ring) and a lightning fast broadband connection with which I can use for purposes that I really have no need of the fast speed because my sexy fat shiny black PS3 has stuck two fingers up at me.
So it looks like I'm going to be tearing off her shiny black dress to have a good fiddle with her inner parts, I may need to leave
Chateau bagsta to pick up some arctic paste for the job of re flowing the motherboard which  is most certainly the problem.
I may get another month out of the old bird if I'm lucky but then I guess I'm gonna have to go and get one of them slim butt ugly looking things.
OH and one more bloody thing, Christmas is coming, BAH HUMBUG!
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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