Thursday, 10 November 2011

Remembrance, loved ones and friends!

Good  afternoon  interweb, Well today is a day of mixed emotions and feelings to be honest. A day of reflection and remembrance, all be that a little early.
You see today would have been my Dad’s 74th birthday had he not been cruelly taken from us suddenly 9 years ago.
So this morning I went to pick Mama up so that we could go to the cemetery.
 It is a very nice place where Dad was buried, very tidy and well kept grounds, trees line the road through, all the way up to the chapel ,  and even as the last leaves fall it does hold a certain majesty about the place.
Mama had made up a couple of baskets with flowers in and also took a couple of snowmen ornaments just in case she couldn’t make it back before Christmas.  I stood looking at the surrounding graves through the mist and then back to Mama who was enthusiastically pulling up weeds from around the headstone, all the while chatting merrily away to Dad whilst she did so.
When she was finished she stood up and we hugged, the rain continued to pour, mixing with the tears running down both our faces. We spent a few silent moments in contemplation before remarking how at first we visited the graveside nearly every day but as the years pass you visit less and less. Life goes on and you have to keep living it.
A very dear friend was taken by cancer over a year ago now and his passing was also a very sad time but we have so many fond memories that it makes the pain a little easier.
I hope that people will if they can turn out for the remembrance day parade to remember those lost fighting for our freedoms. It is something that I try to do year after year and unless work commitments get in the way I will always be there. To see the old boys still marching proudly down the street, flags flying makes you feel proud to be British.
Anyway interweb I must get on, but remember, Life is precious and so are loved ones and friends. You never know how long you or they are going to be around so don’t hold back. Tell them you love them today, you may not get another chance. 

Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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