Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Positive suggestion, ugly women and vodka!

Good afternoon interweb, bloody hell it’s cold today. I think winter has finally arrived and there are forecasts for snow later in the week for certain areas of the UK.
Anyway that aside I would like today to chat about the principles of positive suggestion. I was talking to a doctor at the weekend and he found it quite interesting and had not even thought about the principles himself before. It really isn’t rocket science just simple common sense really.
The information that we gather each day from our senses as we move through our reality is the raw material that form our mental maps to enable us to move through that reality. Freud called this primary experience and at this level negation does not exist. As an example if I told you not to think of a blue cat making a meowing sound, you first have to think of exactly that in order to negate it and thus you do exactly as you have been instructed not to. You can’t help it don’t beat yourself up about it. Positive suggestion is used by sport people and politicians all the time and it can be a very powerful form of influencing the unconscious mind. If you wanted to help somebody to lose weight you would be taking a really big gamble if you used the phrase “you will NOT be hungry”, this is because it is using a negation as opposed to a positive suggestion such as “You feel full after every meal”. You are hoping that the individuals unconscious mind will process the whole of the information provided and as there is a negative in there and most people’s unconscious will not process that and will act on “you will be hungry”. So positive suggestion combined with yes sets is a very powerful way of acting upon the unconscious mind. I will discuss yes sets at a later date.
And so interweb I will leave you with this thought.
There is no such thing as an ugly women,
However, there is such a thing as not enough vodka.

Peace out yall THE BAGSTAXXX

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