Friday, 4 November 2011

November, Dodgy Moustache and MW3!!!

Good evening interweb, It’s raining, again, a lot, and I don’t mean a bit of wet stuff falling from the skies. I f I went outside now the rain is coming down so hard it would make my head bleed.
 That will be the arrival of November then.
What does November bring us? Well I have been invited to take part in “MOVEMBER” which is a thing where you grow a moustache to raise money for charity and whilst it is a very good cause I was inclined to refuse. I will be more than happy to give some money to the charity in question. I was laughed at very hard when I explained that I will not be taking part as I have a certain image to maintain and having a moustache is not part of that image. I WOULD look like a seventies porn star and that really is not good for business.

November also brings rain, and in recent years snow. Howling gales and generally a rather glum overcast time.
Not to mention the fact that it sounds like I am currently living in downtown Mogadishu, Yep newsagents country wide are selling fireworks to people that really should not be allowed anywhere near anything more dangerous than a cabbage patch doll.
However this level of explosions and the like is all good preparation for the release of MW3 on Tuesday.

It is from this day that I may be absent for a while interweb as this incarnation is made by Infinity Ward, a company that actually knows how to make a FPS game. They really are the benchmark that other companies aspire too but never really make it.
 That is until some feckless moron decides to hack the game or discovers glitches which they then upload to YouTube and before you know the game is unplayable till the first of a gazillion patches comes out.
That said I still believe IW are the daddy. Treyarch have had a couple of attempts at the franchise but failed on an epic scale unless you live in the states.
 Other developers have made forray’s into the genre but really not succeeded in any comparable way.
 Medal of Honour, shite. Homefront, shite. Killzone was OK, Battlefield, shite. Flashpoint, shite. Well you get the picture.  
I always order my games online for delivery on release day and every other time it has arrived a day early, however MW3 will not be released to the postal service till Monday by reputable companies so I don’t think that I will get it a day early this time.
 I am aware that there have been people actually buying the game already off craigslist or from some other place and the jury is still out as to whether the leader boards will be reset on the day of release. Yeah and I'm going to stop swearing and drinking!!!!
So on Tuesday I will sit tied to the letterbox like some sad puppy waiting for their owner to get home, all the time listening to the sounds of explosions outside from the retards throwing fireworks at my door, the first signs of a moustache starting to show despite the image I am trying to maintain. Not that it matters one jot as I will be like a lamb to the slaughter in game, but hey, where else can you meet up with your mates, drink heavily eat cheese and biscuit whilst shooting things and blowing stuff up.
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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