Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Natural Selection, microwave's and Christmas!!

Good evening interweb, Today has mostly been spent sorting out things that other people have fucked up, that and trying to sort out things that people have changed but despite me paying them money they didn’t deem it necessary to inform of the changes.
I really do wonder sometimes how people actually manage to exist on this rock we call home.
I am a believer in natural selection so don’t let it get to me for too long safe in the knowledge that some freak accident will befall them and they will die a horrible painful death screaming and writhing in agony. Just a shame I probably won’t be present to witness it whilst munching on pop corn.
Done another of those shopping trip things that actually worked out. You may remember us going shopping for a fridge freezer several years ago and coming home with a PlayStation and steering wheel.
Well today we went to buy  a new microwave as I have managed to set ours on fire and it doesn’t want to play anymore.
We didn’t get a new microwave but instead called into Tesco or Hell as I have come to realise it is.
We were meant to buy crisp bread as an accompaniment to my ever growing cheese fetish but came home with lots of cake, buns and cream. The truck also got filled up which has lightened the wallet by £110.00.
In other news, the toaster has died as well.
Oh well it will soon be Christmas, the shops are full of the Christmassy type stuff already and friends are starting to bake things.
Fi wanted to buy some mince pies today but I stopped her in the hope that somebody will give us some homemade ones, so much nicer with a big dollop of double cream.
The wine stocks seem to have taken a bit of hit in the last few days/nights. Must restock them before the festive season. 

Right then, sorry today's chat is so short but I really must get on and try and sort out the problems other people have caused. Till we meet again
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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