Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Common sense, job dodgers and vinyl!!!!!

Hello interweb, sorry it’s been a few days since we last spoke Ive been busy. Busy getting grumpy and generally falling out with the world. You see people have this misconception that I hate everything, It is not strictly true to say that I hate everything. I am strongly in favour of common sense, common honesty, and common decency.

This I am afraid precludes me from a career in politics or from integrating with a large part of society as a whole due to their inability to show any of those three qualities.
I have over the last few days found myself swearing very loudly at the television and have had the occasional four letter rant whilst reading a newspaper. This is not some sort of late onset tourette's syndrome but rather my complete frustration with what society has become.
I found it most amusing that Edwina Currie mentioned that she did not believe that people were starving in this country. The backlash she received was huge, I can understand why but I can also see exactly where she is coming from. Edwina challenged people to come forward and prove her wrong.
There was a mother of 3, single with a dog two birds and a 42” flat screen TV. This women was claiming that if she did not get the food handouts free that she got every week that they would be starving. As Edwina pointed out, the price of feeding the dog alone would probably make up the deficit in the family budget and believe me this woman was FAR from starving. In her own words she admitted that she did not want to go and do a job she didn’t want to to get the same money she was getting on benefit. What about self respect etc etc.
Later there was some mad nun going on about how people should pay more taxes to pay for feeding the less fortunate that themselves.
So let me get this right. I should pay more taxes to fund somebody else to sit on their fat arse at home all day breeding and watching Jeremy Kyle because they don’t want to do a job because they don’t like it and they can get the same money off of the benefit system.
I'm sorry but they have no sympathy from me, they are also setting their many offspring off on totally the wrong foot leading them to believe that they should get something for nothing and hey presto another generation of bloody scroungers.
I am fully aware of the fact that there are people suffering hardship in the current economic climate but there are also a lot of people taking the piss. Not accepting a job because you don’t like it!!!! What the fuck is that all about. Welcome to the real world you job dodger. Do you think everybody who has a job likes what they do? I'm sure some people do jobs that they don’t particularly enjoy but they still do it because they have morals, integrity, self respect and  probably a growing dislike of job dodging scroungers that sit there with their hand out expecting the world to owe them something.
Anyway, in other news there is a growing demand for vinyl these days. Young artists have spoken out of how they have a love of it and surprise surprise Cilla, young people think that it is cool again. The likes of Taylor Swift and Adele have both said how fond they are of vinyl and the whole concept of an album. Sales of vinyl have are up 40% on the same period last year and young people are actually amazed that you can still buy technology that will still play these strange looking black disks.

Big high street stores are not unaware of this fact and the likes of John Lewis are actually stocking vinyl albums for the first time in their history.
I have a large collection of vinyl albums and singles and am a big believer that a vinyl album is much more of a listening experience than a cd or an mp3. I'm sure anybody over the age of 35 will remember vinyl. I love listening to blues and jazz on vinyl. CD quality for me ruins jazz and blues. There is something about taking out the black disk from it’s sleeve and placing it on the turntable. Lifting the needle arm with it’s 2 pence piece weight taped to the top and lowering it onto the slightly dusty surface, the low crackle as the needle passes tiny particles of dust on the records surface. The whole imperfect quality to it gives it soul and a depth that is simply not there with a Cd or mp3.
Anyway interweb, im off to find Edwina to tell her what a really good egg I think she is..... or maybe not. Lol
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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