Saturday, 15 October 2011

Aruba, stereotypes and Candy, did I mention I love Candy:)

Well hello again interweb, it’s been a while. Ive been away you know.

Went on a rather eventful trip to Aruba for a couple of weeks.
I'm not going to bore you with all the details but one thing I did notice about Aruba is the fact that it is full of stereotypes, really, I mean you had the typical pissed up Brit being loud around the pool all day then wanting to fight by 21.00 hours, and that was just the girls.
The very loud shouty Americans with the foot long cigars who caused me pain by the fact my comments got me a kick on the shin from Fi, as one of them bellowed goodnight and began to stride away I bellowed “goodnight, try not to invade any small countries on your way back to your room”. The lady sat opposite me found it amusing, not so her husband as she spat red wine all over him as she burst out laughing.
You had the Italian strolling up the beach in his sandals, budgie smugglers and a pair of thick white rimmed sun glasses with a very 70s feminine style to them. Whoever said the Italians had style had obviously never met this twat.
There were some Hispanic people who had just come straight from Americas hardest prisons complete with not a square centimetre of visible flesh that didn’t have tattoo ink on it.
I must say that I also met some very nice people from all of the above mentioned countries but you know what I mean I'm sure.
Whilst on the island the Caribbean Jazz festival was on and oh what a treat I was in for, Candy Dulfer headlining on the Saturday night made my year. Tickets were a mere $35.00 each and 4 bands over 8 hours represented bloody good value in my book. I could take all the photographs I wanted, food and drink was reasonably priced (cheaper than the local bars). There was Angi Stone headlining on the Friday night and Guesting with Candy was Printz Board, apparently he is something to do with the black eyed peas whoever they are.This was probably one of the best gigs I have ever seen and ive seen the Stones and Aerosmith to name a couple, Candy even came down into the crowd whilst playing at one point. Fantastic.
Candy was in fine form and for those of you saying who is she? Well you will have heard her play her alto sax alongside the likes of Dave Stuart, Pink Floyd, Van Morrisen , prince and the Miami sound machine to name but a few. So with no further a do here are a few pics.
Candy Dulfer and Printz Board
Candy Dulfer (Candy came over several times during the gig and kinda posed for the camera)
Candy Dulfer and lead vocals guy, if anybody knows his name please let me know:)
Printz Board
Candy Dulfer
Candy Dulfer ( I swear she was smiling at me :) )
Candy Dulfer
Printz Board

Peace out y'all, The BAGSTAXXX