Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Golf sticks, Military spec and a useless tramp!

Hello again interweb and a jolly good afternoon to you! I noticed today that the weather has got decidedly colder and I believe the first grit lorry of the season has been up our road. I have just got back from the driving range where I met up with Disco stu, Johnny, another chap who I have never met before and Lyndon who last time I saw mooned at me as I drove past the pub, fortunately he kept his arse in his pants today.
It was very cold (which could explain Lyndon keeping his arse in his trousers) and Johnny went and got a communal cup of coffee to pass round and defrost fingers.
Anyway that aside, I have nearly finished captioning all my pics from my trip to Aruba and have started sending them in to online picture agencies. Hopefully a few will sell to fund our next trip away to foreign climes.
I still havn’t heard anything from the people organising the trip to Northern Iraq  so will have to get in touch with them to find out what is going on.
Im loving the new iphone 4s, it just works which is great. It does still struggle a bit with my accent but seems to be getting better, I tell it to remind me about something and it does, I tell it to wake me up at a certain time and it does. I guess that most of the things it does you can do by tapping through a few menu’s on the screen but that just isn’t anywhere near as cool and geeky.
Being a 42 year old clumsy oaf I have decided to buy it a proper case, so I got the Griffin Survivor for it. There is something perverse but satisfying (for a bloke anyway) about owning gadgety stuff that has been tested to military specifications.

I got my camera back after sending it off to have the sensor cleaned. After two weeks of “Trade winds” (gail force winds to you and me) on Aruba the sensor was bloody filthy despite the weather proofing that it has and some of the crap on it you could have picked off with your fingers. This led to lots of cloning on some of the images to remove the dust bunnies. On the “playing about in jeeps” day we came back orange from the dirt and so did most of my camera kit, I wonder if thats why the capital is called Oranjestad! or maybe because it’s Dutch!
On a grumpy note I still have not received a confirmation of flight delay from Thomson holidays despite their promise to reply within 24 hours. You see at the resort the Thomson holidays rep told us that she wasn’t allowed to give us a letter saying that our flight was 4-5 hours late. We were told that we would receive one before we got off the Thomson flight home. Upon arrival at Manchester airport I spoke to a Thomson holiday employee on the plane and was told that Thomson holidays do not issue letters unless the flight was 8 hours or more overdue.
After clearing customs I went to the Thomson holidays desk where I swear to god the character from little Britain worked “computer says noooo” I asked the Thomson holidays employee if I could have a note on letter headed paper explaining  that the flight was 4 hours and 5 minutes late, She told me I would have to e-mail Thomson holidays after travel department. I explained that it wouldn’t take her 30 seconds to write it out on a piece of paper for me. She said she was sorry but I would have to write to Thomson holidays after travel department and promptly wrote out the e-mail address on a letter headed piece of paper. I pointed out that if she had written just a few more words then all would be sorted. She looked at me confused, then disgusted so as I had been awake for around 23 hours at this point I decided to retreat before I beheaded the useless tramp.
Anyway, I e-mailed Thomson holidays after travel department requesting the aforementioned letter on the 12th of October and despite the claim that it would be answered within 24 hours am still waiting for a reply............ Bastards!
Anyway thats enough grumpiness for one day
Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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