Thursday, 20 October 2011

Gaddafi, Katrina and Kindle!!!!

Good afternoon interweb, and a very interesting one indeed. The news tickers are awash with news of Gaddafi’s capture whilst the Libyan television is saying he has been shot in both legs and died from his injuries.
Either way another tyrant toppled, now we just have to wait for the bleeding heart liberals to come out and start denouncing it all.
Any way, nothing will ruin my day today. On my way to the gym this bright, crisp autumnal day I was stuck in traffic whilst listening to radio 2 when Katrina and the waves came on “Im walking on sunshine woooooaaaaao!”

I'm happily tapping my hands on the steering wheel and singing along at the top of my lungs, this cacophony must have attracted the attention of one of my fellow travellers as I looked sideways alongside my truck was a pretty young lady doing exactly the same thing, our eyes met and in unison we both bellowed “IM WALKING ON SUNSHINE WOOOOOOAAO” with smiles as wide as a cricket bat. It was a fleeting moment where age, religion, sex, political views etc were all thrown out with the trash and two people shared a moment. We both drove away in different directions smiling away and I must admit it has made my day.
I can’t even find anything to be grumpy about today which will make my blog post rather short I'm afraid. No really, I honestly hand on heart can find nothing to grump about. I'm sure by the end of the day ill have chapters to bleat on about and will update you all in due course.
In other news, my iphone is still working and it has been dropped 3 times so far, good job I got it the griffin.  I'm finding new things out with it every day. Yesterday I discovered that when I visit my blog it gives me the option of reading it in a reader, a bit like a kindle page thing. Oh here we go, kindle, I fekking hate kindle’s. If you are going to read a book fekking buy one or borrow one. The whole point of reading a book is the experience of feeling it’s weight, the touch and feel of the paper, even the smell as you turn the page. NO NO NO NO NO, i will not be grumpy today.
Right I'm off to see how much my 3GS has sold for on ebay
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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