Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Autumn, MW3 and Goldfish!!!!

Well hello interweb and how are we today? Normal service has been resumed and I'm back to being a bit grumpy.
Ive been out to one of the reservoirs near where we live today to try and get some shots of the autumnal colours reflected in the water but the devil once again farts in my face by making the wind blow too hard thereby stirring all the water up so no nice reflections.
Instead I went and got a few shots of the old pumping station.

On my return home I found that the sensor cleaning that I had done was done very well, not a dust bunny in sight, hoorah.
On a grumpy note, MW3 is only 12 days away from release and I should in theory get mine a day early. So why the grumpiness I hear you ask, well the developers (a US based company) have once again given their country all the bonuses that it is possible to get with up to 48 hours double xp from pre ordering and from purchasing snacks and drinks that have redeemable codes on them. Only available in the US of A, in the UK we get 4 hours of double xp.  A long time gaming friend of mine called John (Gunkin or heartlessnthed) has a theory that goes like this.
“Gary its possible that one of the developers had a girlfriend or wife that was taken from him by a guy with that slick English accent and hes hell bent on throwing his COD branded cock in the entire UK just a theory but i think i might on to something”
I think Big G may be on to something there, anyway all  that aside I do hope that they have sorted the connection issues out on this incarnation of the franchise so that it is actually playable. 

The previous version of MW, MW2 has once again been hacked and permanent uav’s are in just about every lobby now on public matches so the only real practice that is available is on spec ops.
In other news did you know that if a gold fish is found laying on it’s side in it’s tank (fish tank) it is probably due to it being constipated by over feeding. You see gold fish only have stomachs about the same size as their eyes which are very small, now you think of the size of the fishy goodness flakes that you chuck in the tank every day. They stuff and gorge till they become constipated and this in turn affects their swim bladder and over they go. They aren’t dead and will usually recover in 2-3 days so please don’t go flushing them.
Can’t decide where to go next on the planet, choices so far are Panama to the amazingly secluded water villa, Costa Rica, Mozambique or back to the Maldives.  Either way I better start saving as none of the above seem to come in on the cheap side.
Anyway interweb, enough of my ramblings for today, farewell and fare winds, Dasvidaniya
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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