Monday, 12 September 2011

Virgin, modern society and reincarnation!

Hello interweb, It’s been a busy and interesting weekend that has just passed by.
Fi has informed me that we will not be flying Virgin Atlantic so I can just get that idea out of my head right now.
Apparently the air hostess’s on Virgin flights really are as pretty as the ones in the advert. I like pretty ladies:)
I wonder how they word the advert for that in a world which has taken political correctness to the extreme.
Air hostess wanted by leading airline, mingers need not apply.
  Probably get a bit of a reprimand for that but seriously how would they word the advert or let the less suitable ladies know that they have not met their strict criteria?

In other news I found my trip to the gym this morning slightly more stressful than usual, there had been an accident or something making the traffic stationary for far too long so I turned around and went the long way round.
Usually I find that things like this happen for a reason and whilst I may be put out a little bit that it is usually for a good cause. Today’s good cause was indeed to be found. An elderly gentleman laying on the ground struggling to stand or get his breath. At first I thought he was looking for something under the van he was beside but it quickly became obvious to anybody with half a brain that the chap was in considerable trouble.
What I couldn’t get was the fact that people were simply driving and walking past him and not even looking at him never mind offering any help.
With this in mind I decided to park the truck at an angle which said if you want to walk past here you can just fuck off you selfish (insert c word here) . I went over to the poor chap and helped him sit up. He was gasping a lot and told me that he had angina and had just tripped.  I stayed with him for a while until he got his breath back and I made sure he had nothing worse than a few scuffs. Eventually he got to his feet and thanked me then trotted off for his pension, bless.
The thing here is that I am still at a loss as to why nobody else had stopped to help this chap, have we really become so selfish that we will walk straight past our fellow man in need of help. Maybe we are all too busy to stop and help or maybe too afraid as he could have a knife. Id like to think if one of my relatives were laying on the ground in need of help that somebody would go to their aid but I guess that isn’t the case in modern society.
This all brings me to the subject of reincarnation and religion. Many new age religion’s and old eastern religions believe deeply in reincarnation. One  major reason for accepting reincarnation by so many people today is that it seems to explain the differences that exist among people. Some are healthy, others are tormented their whole life by physical handicaps. Some are rich, others at the brink of starvation. Some have success without being religious; others are constant losers, despite their religious dedication. Eastern religions explain these differences as a result of previous lives, good or bad, which bear their fruits in the present one through the action of karma.
It also seems a lot less of a bitter pill to swallow than the thought of burning in the fires of hell for all eternity with Paris Hilton poking you with a fiery trident surrounded by politicians who will be pouring boiling oil over your testicles. 

This all brings me back to my friend Karma and the fact that not having been the most pleasant individual on occasion I find myself not flying with Virgin Atlantic and not being attended too by a bevvie of their beauties. 

Peace out y'all THE BAGSTAXXX
N.B. No Air hostess's were kidnapped in the writing of this blog post.......... honest!

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