Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Talking, texting and irony!!!!

Hello again interweb, Ive been thinking again, it never ends well but sometimes my brain just goes off on one. Resist as I might it just goes on thinking about stuff, usually at stupid o’clock when I want to get to sleep. Damn it.
“For millions of years mankind lived just like animals
Then something happened which unleashed the powers of our imagination
We learned to talk.”
 Stephen Hawking said that at the beginning of a Pink Floyd track.
Mankind has been talking coherently for around 160.000 years and just look around you at what we have achieved.
 Communication between humans has enabled us to develop as a race at an exponential rate and whilst a lot of the things that we have created have moved us forward there are many which have not.
In recent years, mainly with the technological advancements in the interweb and mobile communications  we have actually started to talk a lot less.
In today’s society it is seen as normal practice to communicate with people via e-mail, text message (see that? I didn’t use txt msg) instant messaging systems MSN, various forums and bulletin boards.
You see there is a problem with this type of communication, it is all written down and there is so much scope for misunderstanding it isn’t even funny. There is no inflection or emotion of any kind in these written forms of communication. Irony or sarcasm do not travel well via text message, trust me I know.  Some people also use shortened variations of words for text message, to be quite honest when I get one like that I just delete it as I have no bloody idea what they are trying to say.
As we talk less and less I look around at the world and it appears, to me at least, that there is a direct link between the world falling apart and our increasing inability to talk.
As a race we are regressing and as I have mentioned in earlier posts, maybe, just maybe the Mayan’s were right and we are all going to have a very hectic end to 2012.
I think that people need to talk more, it is good for the soul to sometimes have a real good chin wag. How many times do you just text your friends or family? or send them an update on facebook?
Why don’t you actually call round to see them, or if that's not practical why not pick up the phone and actually call them? I promise it is much more rewarding than a text message.

I sometimes sit in the bar and look around at couples, they will spend half the evening with their head buried in a mobile phone and occasionally look up and ask if the other would like another drink.  Some people have extended their texting ability to the point where they can have a conversation and text at the same time without even looking at the phone.
Some people are of the opinion that life the universe etc is all predestined, that we cannot change what will be and yet these same people still look both ways before crossing the road.. I think that we can make changes and  what we as a race need to do is start talking again, it’s not that hard really despite what you might think.
Go on I dare you, pick up the phone and "phone a friend"

Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX
N.B. The irony of me posting this in an online blog is not lost on me before anybody points that out,

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