Thursday, 8 September 2011

Holidays, stereotypes and risk management!!

Good afternoon interweb, Well it’s that time of year again, kids back at school, weather turned a grey shade of shite and Christmas stuff already appearing in the shops. So as usual at this time of year Fi and myself pack ourselves of on holiday somewhere.
In recent years that has generally been to the Maldives for two weeks peace and quiet in total and utter paradise with hardly anybody else around. The main reason been that I do not play well with others. Removing or at least lowering  the possibility that I may have to play nice with others is a very good move on Fi’s part. That said we always seem to make friends on holiday and actually stay in touch with some people that we meet, Hello if your reading this :).
Well this year my little Rottweiler wants to go somewhere different. We have both been pondering where to go and got it down to a short list of back to the Maldives, Panama to a wonderful place with literally nobody else there  or Aruba. Well the casaparadisio is booked when we want to go and I know Fi has wanted to go to Aruba for a long time so last night I sat down and said lets go there, pointed to a nice looking place in a brochure and 10 minutes later it was booked. Two weeks all inclusive to Tamarijn Aruba. 

Now the only thing that is worrying us both is my ability to not play nice with others, you see with it’s proximity to the Unites States Of America I would imagine there are going to be a lot of Americans present and whilst I have nothing against Americans I have had the odd bad experience.
Let me at first say that I have many friends in America who are intelligent funny wonderful people who actually get Irony and sarcasm but just like the English the Americans do have a stereotype.
The English stereo type is of course the bumbling, tea drinking Hugh Grantesk idiot with bad teeth who is going to write a letter because he is very very cross.
 Whilst on the other side of the coin we have the stereotypical American who is obese, loud and demanding. I actually met one of them on holiday a few years ago and Fi (the High Storrs Dislocator ) had to threaten me with violence to not go over and “explain”  a few things. He was very demanding and at Brian Blessed volume levels, no please, no thank you and would not stop saying “if we were in America this, and If we were in America that”
Well why don’t you go back to America then and let everybody have some fekking peace and quiet.
So it is with some trepidation we will be boarding the plane for our holiday. In a risk management way we have selected a small resort with beach front access that reviews say is fairly quiet and If need be we can actually do stuff in Aruba as it is quite a large island compared to Maldivian islands.
The snorkeling is supposed to be some of the best in the world as well so ill probably spend most of my time floating around like a whale. It averages 31 degrees Celsius and the trade winds tend to drop off during September/October so it will probably be too hot to do anything but lay on the beach and slowly roast anyway.
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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