Thursday, 22 September 2011

Darwin, Lightning bolts and baboons with huge boobs!

Good afternoon interweb, Despite the threats of violence and the ever exasperated comments from Fi I have been doing that thinking thing again. You see I blame lack of things ending in ine, nicotine for one, nearly 9 months without it and there has been some stressful situations but I have managed to resist the urge to spark up. Anyway back to thinking.
You see I think that Darwin beard face may have been wrong. The problem is that if he was, then the alternatives are probably even more ludicrous  than his theories.
Darwin's theory of natural selection stated that “all of life--every living entity known then or to be discovered in the future--simply had to function from birth to death by "natural laws" that could be defined and analysed.” This would of course include the origin of life.
You see he suggested that there were a few stray bits of stuff lying around on the planet that all managed to meet up in the same little pond of sludge at the same time. Been as a pond of sludge wasn’t about to be anywhere near enough exciting to get  these stray bits to do anything there needed to be a catalyst. Hmmmm, thought Darwin, I know Lightning, always a crowd pleaser.
Now if mankind hadn’t believed this tripe since 1859 any rational person would say “he’s just making it up as he goes along” (in best pythonesque voice).

But alas, millions of people with no proof what so ever blindly believe in it because we have been told by a man in a white coat holding a clip board so it must be true.
Well let’s take a rough look at the facts here, stuff we know to be true.
In certain places around the globe there are pieces of rock that have been dated at 4 billion years old, these are called cratons. These cratons contain fossilised bacteria, 4 billion year old primitive bacteria. Now this causes a bit of a problem for Darwin fans, you see the Earth only began to coalesce around 4.5 billion years ago which means that by the time our primitive bacteria were dying and getting fossilised the surface of the earth would have still been a seething ball of magma and it would be some time before there were any ponds of sludge to fire lightning bolts at.
So where did these fossils come from? It certainly couldn’t be from Earth, and so by following the facts we can easily assume that these rocks are from somewhere else answering the question “is there anybody out there?” once and for all. It may only have been  a primitive bacteria 4 billion years ago but what and where is it now?
If we jump forward a few billion years and start looking at Darwin’s theory of how we evolved from primates there are still a few missing pieces to the puzzle. Humans are thought to have started out as insectivores that legged it around the planet trying not to become a refreshing snack for dinosaurs, but this was soon sorted out by the Cretaceous extinction event of 65 million years ago.
Over about the next 55 million years these scampering insectivores are to have “evolved” into the earliest primates or prosimians for their  full title . However, there is not a shred of evidence to support this theory, not a jot, nill, zilch, nadda bugger all proof anywhere. If there was then Darwin’s theory would have been proved right and I wouldn’t be giving myself a hard time trying to figure it all out.
So the question we are left with is did our little insectivores evolve into prosimians, into monkeys, into apes, into humans? Or did prosimians appear, monkeys appear, apes appear, and humans appear? Or, in our "special" case, were we created? And now we have introduced another factor. “is there a God?” This is all making my head hurt now but I will try to continue.
You see there is all the talk of “the missing link” that thing that was between apes and man. Now that is again just a theory and there has been no evidence of this missing link found on Earth anywhere, yes there are a few skulls that have been dug up that may have been close but no solid concrete evidence has been found. I find it highly improbable that there ever will be any evidence found, I have yet to see a gorilla or baboon with massive boobs and there would surely have been some sort of recorded documented evidence that would have been found by now but as a race we just seem to blindly believe the men in white coats with the clip boards, but if Darwin was wrong then were we created or are we not of this earth? maybe I should just stop thinking or at least sharing these thoughts.
Hmmmmmm I will muse awhile.
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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  1. There is plenty of evidence. And scientist don't hold to Darwin original theory as that has evolved itself. The basic theory of evolution still hold true though and besides Einstein's theory, it's has those most evidence supporting it from all field's of science. Really you should read Richard Dawkins. cheers.