Saturday, 17 September 2011

Combat shopping and Y/J turns:)!!!!

Hello interweb, I thought today I would brush up on my evasive and defensive driving techniques having seen the latest security updates from the foreign and commonwealth office.
“Safety and Security - The Kurdistan Region
extremist Islamist terrorist groups including Al-Qaida in Iraq and Ansar al Islam have planned and carried out infrequent attacks in the past. 
A network of Iran-based Kurdish extremists, affiliated with Al-Qaida in Iraq mount occasional cross-border attacks.
 The threat of terrorism and kidnap remains.  Terrorist operations, including in the cities of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, have generally been conducted against Kurdistan Regional Government targets.
Shelling in the border areas with Turkey and Iran in the Kurdistan Region still occurs. You should seek advice on the situation in these remote border areas before travelling there.
Demonstrations in Sulaimaniyah in February 2011 resulted in the deaths of several protestors. You are advised to avoid large gatherings, crowds and demonstrations.”

 I learned most of these techniques before I even past my test and practiced them on the college car park when I was studying Photography at Richmond. I will share with you some of them here, although it is unlikely that you will be confronted by a bunch of screaming terrorists with AK47’s and RPG’s the information could help you when you need to get out of a sticky situation in Tesco’s car park with an irate mother who has gone combat shopping in her SUV. Or maybe when the great unwashed of our country decide to start rioting again, my personal choice would be to run them over but the law frowns upon such actions these days.
One of the first mistakes that people make when driving today is that they drive far too close to the car in front and don’t watch the road ahead. You should when pulling up to stop in traffic always leave room to see the tyres and a good 6 inches of tarmac from the car in front. Should anything happen you will have more than enough room to manoeuvre your vehicle out of the spot you are in.
Look ahead all the time, you should have already gone through a corner in your mind before you actually reach it. Should anything untoward occur this will give you critical thinking time to decide on your actions.
 As a motorcyclist I learned a long time ago to assume that other drivers have not seen you and on many occasions this has been the case. They may be distracted or talking on a mobile phone.
 If your really in a tight spot you could execute the Y or J turn.
The Y turn is performed by stopping the car, looking for a turning point through your nearside mirror (usually a gap between 2 parked cars), as you reverse at speed into the gap the front of the car will go light as you brake and lose grip spinning round, you then select first gear and floor it screaming yeeeeehaaaaa.
The J turn is performed by stopping the car as the threat appears in front of you, then reversing at speed before turning the steering wheel violently one way and then the other. As the car spins you select 2nd gear and floor it. Top fun. A youtube video can be seen below.
There are many other techniques for evasive driving but I think I have bored you all enough for one day.
Peace out y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX
N.B. I guess I should mention that practising Y or J turns on public roads may well land you in trouble.

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