Thursday, 1 September 2011

AU summit shame, and is it the end of days?

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The estimated figure on the fund needed to help the starving people in the Horn Of Africa is a staggering $1.4bn

There has been an African summit meeting to try and tackle the crisis unfolding there and it was able to raise a paltry  4% of this figure. Only four heads of state actually bothered to turn up to the summit. Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti and Equatorial Guinea.
Only 21 out of 54 countries in the AU actually pledged any funding for the crisis.
The AU said in a statement that the summit had raised $350M but failed to mention that $300M of that came from a loan from the African development bank.
 Many of the smaller countries have pledged funds way more than they were expected to but oil rich countries such as Nigeria have pledged very little. Nigeria has pledged $2M and South Africa has pledged an embarrassing $1.3M.
Lets take that last figure from South Africa, $1.3M, The cost of  refurbishing ministers homes in South Africa last year came to £25M yet when the lives of 13 million people are at risk they get $1.3M. South Sudan offered $1.0M and they are not exactly the power house of Africa.
It is the end of days, North Africa and the middle east are tearing themselves to pieces, both war and famine on a biblical scale is destroying the continent. Turkey is still bombing targets in Kurdistan and in Syria the Assad regime is being protested against.  Iran is even making calls that the Assad regime tries to deal with it’s uprising in a less violent manner, around 2200 people have been killed in the last month alone whilst Libya is now in a very precarious position as anti Gaddafi factions start to fall out in a new power struggle.
About 200,000 years ago mankind learned how to speak. We appear to be losing this ability and it won’t end well.
Peace out Y'all, THE BAGSTAXXX

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