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Whales, Frogs and other endangered creatures!

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"we do not know the true nature of the entity we are destroying." Arthur C Clarke said that back in 1962 about Blue Whales. The largest Mammal on Earth, Weighing in at around 190 tons and 30 metres long you wouldn’t think that they had many predators but these amazing creatures were nearly hunted to extinction to within only 0.15% of their initial numbers. 

Today Blue whales can be found in varying numbers around the globe including the arctic regions Greenland and surprisingly the Indian Ocean and Madagasca.
Blue whales tend to be fairly solitary creatures travelling alone or in pairs they are not really that social however when it comes to feeding they do group together and some Blue Whales have developed very complex ways of catching food which shows that these huge creatures have an intelligence that could only have been wondered at and is probably one of the reasons that Arthur made his comment in the first place.

Most if not all of these animals face the threat of extinction due to mankind. Thats right, you and me. Destroying the animals natural habitat or hunting them, sometimes not even for food but for body parts for medicines or for prized horns.
Some species are actually actively targeted by humans, we also set standards for which species we think  should be saved and which species we find unimportant or undesirable.
For example, the coqui frog,
an invasive species in Hawaii, is so common there that its “nocturnal singing” reduces the value of homes and prevents hotels from using rooms near forests. Hawaiians have proposed eliminating the frog, and several wildlife managers want to release a pathogen to kill the frogs. The frog has decreased the value of homes and caused a loss of business for several hotels, so the Hawaiians decided it was acceptable to get rid of the group of coqui frog living near them. What gives us the right to eliminate an entire species because it lowers the value of a property. Utter insanity.
I personally have an enormous love of many underwater animals, having been swimming with Manta Rays and one nine metre whale shark ( )
I think I have caught some sort of bug, I now want to go in search of whales and other marine creatures, for me it seems as though they really do show a level of intelligence and even a degree of empathy that goes far beyond our understanding and they don’t fuck each other over for a percentage or an oil field. We could learn a lot from them you know.
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