Thursday, 18 August 2011

Spaghettification, old people and detonation!

Good afternoon interweb, It looks quite grim from my office window today but I have become aware of a new word today and it is a real cracker.
Told you it was a belter. Now as to what “spaghettification actually is, what it isn’t is anything to do with Italian pasta stringy stuff that you eat usually with a tomato based sauce of some form or description.
No, “Spaghettification” is what will happen to you if you wander a bit to far past the event horizon of a black hole. And remember, not even light can escape a black hole.
This actually has some relevance from the point of view of travelling into deep space which is becoming a more daunting task than even I could comprehend.
You see what happens when a massive star goes supernova is that their core regions implode which can never be a nice thing, even for a star.
The core of stars more than roughly 6 times the mass of our sun reach a condition late in their lives ( much like old people) where the fusion reactions in their cores are producing such a high flux of neutrinos that the neutrinos carry away badly needed energy from the core. (or they need to go to the loo more often in old people)This causes the core to collapse and heat up (not like old people, they just get very cross and dribble a lot) This in turn produces more neutrinos and the whole process gets carried away as the star starts getting very close to saying enough is enough.
As the core finally collapses, the density increases so high that suddenly the neutrinos can't escape, and within a few hours the bottled up energy causes the star to detonate. (which incidentally is a fabulous word, “detonate” I do not know of any old people who have ever had the misfortune to “detonate”) When the star reaches a size equal to the black hole horizon size for that mass, it becomes a black hole as it explosively sheds the rest of its mass in a supernova. 

So now we have a black hole, now the gravitational forces that are exerted by a black hole are mind numbingly huge and if you  were to get too close you would be spaghettified.
The force of gravity that is exerted on your feet would be so much higher than that exerted at your head that you would be stretched out until you split in two, then four, then eight until you became a thin string of elementary particles. Not a good look if I'm honest.  
Hmmmm, its looking more like I may well just trust that the mayan’s were having a laugh at our expense and all that will happen on the 21st of December 2012 is that I will realise that I have a lot of Christmas presents to buy as I will still be about after all.
Anyway  just to inform you that on this day in history August 18th 1227   Genghis Khan, Mongol conqueror, died.
Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

N.B. No old people were harmed during the writing of this blog but I have heard of one detonating.....somewhere!!!.

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