Thursday, 11 August 2011

Rain Forests, abandonment and sunsets!!!!!

Good afternoon interweb, It is currently 12.44 hours as I write this. I have been interacting with the “things” on this planet for around 1 hour and 15 minutes and have witnessed  2 acts of such incompetence from these “things” that I have felt the need to share the experience.
I made a cup of tea and picked up the mail, hmmm, this envelope looks familiar. A 4 page statement from the Bank of Scotland regarding my bank loan. Not unusual you may feel apart from the fact that I paid it off several months ago. I have since called them on several occasions and asked them to stop sending out statements to tell me that they owe me 92 pence, I don’t want it, please keep it. Ok they say, we will cancel it and stop destroying rainforests every month sending you a 4 page statement for an account that is closed. A month goes by and nothing. Then out of the blue arrives........ yep you guessed it. Another 4 page statement telling me that the Bank of Scotland owe me 92 pence. The same phone conversation ensues and another month goes by until........ yep, another rain forest is cut down to send me a 4 page statement for a bank loan account that I have paid off telling me that they owe me 92 pence. This has occurred on a frequent basis and today’s statement tells me that they owe me £1.84. I have had to go through all the usual 6 level deep security questions only to be left having a conversation with somebody who does not speak English, or Scottish for that matter (yes Scottish is a separate language) and have tried to explain the situation but I'm not sure Iforma (for that is her name, I asked) understood me so I now find myself having to worry about the Amazon rainforest having great big chunks taken out of it so that the Bank of Scotland can send me yet another 4 page statement telling me that they owe me £1.84.
The second complete and utter incompetent “thing” has managed to abandon his car outside our house. Not park, abandonment is the only way I can begin to describe the manner in which this vehicle has been left. It will be a total noise fest of beeping horns and shouting when the bus tries to get past. I cannot describe it so here is a picture,
and no the guy in the shorts and sandals is not driving it, if you had read some of my earlier posts you would know that he is on a day trip from a special needs school.
In other news that is PS3 related I have had to sabotage my connection to the interweb via my ps3 so that I may be able to have a reasonable game of MW2. You see I have a  Fibre to the cabinet (fttc) connection which gives me around 30 meg download 10 meg upload and a latency of 30 MS.
This means that whenever I join a gaming lobby the game makes me host. Now back in the days of Cod4 this was great as you had a slight advantage. However on MW2 and that piece of shit excuse for a game Black ops, the game makers have introduced something called anti lag or host lag. This in theory means that the host does not have any advantage. Fair enough, but they seem to have turned the level way past 10 and then pulled the knob off so nobody can turn it down again. My scores actually bare this out. When I'm not host 19/3 and 10/2, 
 when I am host ill be lucky to get a game of 3/24. This makes for all kinds of swearing and gnashing of teeth into the drunken small hours of the morning.
So now I feel a bit tense so I'm going to chill by looking at 1 of my favourite pics of the sun setting over the Indian ocean, and realise that none of these problems are really that important, tonight the sun will set once more on England and tomorrow if I rise early enough I will look to the East and the sun will once again rise regardless of my trivial if not very annoying little problems that “things” keep bringing to me.

Peace out y'all THE BAGSTA XXX

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