Monday, 1 August 2011

Numb ass, presupposition and routers!!!

Once again interweb, I bid you a good day, I have had an interesting few hours since our last little meeting. Work on Sunday evening brought an ass numbing five and a half hour home visit for 1 patient. I wouldnt mind but I didn’t take anywhere near enough food with me.
Lost another 2 lbs in weight and feeling good.
Also been using the method of presupposition on the Thomson representative working on my claim.
I will try to explain below.
Here is part of the e-mail from Thomson.

I have taken this opportunity to review all of the correspondence that has been passed between you and our Customer Services Department and have assessed the other information available. Whilst I am confident in our ability to defend this claim, I do feel it would be a prudent decision to settle this matter amicably. Therefore, I am willing to offer the sum of £###in the form of a cheque or £### in the form of holiday vouchers. This represents full and final settlement of all claims arising from this holiday booking.
Ok, so reading between the lines here we can see that they realize I have a legitimate claim here that they would struggle to defend. There is no way that a company would offer any amount of money should they be confident in defending any claim let alone the amount they have offered me. They use the words prudent and amicable in a manner that is supposed to make me feel as if they are doing me a favour. Another favourite that is used is the phrase as a gesture of goodwill
So what have I done, I have replied in the following way.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my claim before “arbitration” has had to be taken. I would also like to thank you for your kind offer of £### in the form of a cheque, or £### in the form of holiday vouchers.
I do feel that despite the feeling that you have that you are confident of defending the claim, that the amount offered to settle the matter amicably in full and final settlement is a little on the low side.
However, due to this matter starting to affect my health with the distress caused on the “holiday” and the effort involved in getting this far, I would ask that you consider a slightly higher amount.
I will leave this decision to your discretion and look forward to receiving holiday vouchers to the sum of £#### or higher.
May I also take this time to thank you for all the previous wonderful holidays we have taken with you and apologise that I have felt the need to go this far on this occasion
Now, lets look at what is going on here. In the first paragraph I appear to be accepting their offer of compensation, this focuses attention and bypasses critical factor due to the fact that it appears the issue is resolved and so the person can relax and move on.
Ok, now that critical factor has been bypassed, i should now be talking to the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is much more basic in it’s way of looking at things.  So, when it sees that I have suffered and been distressed it automatically shifts to my side and feels I should get compensation, the wording here is also critical,  Use of the word “However” implies to the unconscious that it can resolve the problem, we then offer a solution to the problem, (offer me a higher amount).
Now that we have made the suggestion to the unconscious mind we step back and resume normal interaction,
So  to the closing paragraphs, here we have already presupposed that I will be getting a payout, we have already presupposed that it will be greater than their original offer and this should have  been accepted.  A small amount of flattery and a general feeling of goodwill to close.
You know what, it worked they have offered another 20% on top of the original offer.
I have thought about whether or not this has worked as I have explained, or did the person genuinely want to give me more compensation, when they had no need to, When I had already accepted their offer and there was no need to add to it, this was their legal department. When was the last time you heard of a legal department making a payout pay more than they needed to?
So with tongue firmly in cheek and a wry smile on my face I will now try and get another router ordered from BT as the wifi has stopped bloody working on mine...........again.

Peace out yall, THE BAGSTA XXX

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