Monday, 15 August 2011

Messy people, random shite and creativity!

Good afternoon interweb, well here we are again. I am currently sat in my office on the Headquarters computer typing this, as I look around at the state that is my office I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the feeling of “what a bloody mess”.

Really, it is a dumping ground of “stuff” granted all useful stuff, or I'm sure it will be useful some day.
This got me to thinking about messy people in general. I know quite a few and the most stand out character trait in each one of these people is the fact that they are very creative. I don’t mean just a bit creative. I mean very creative. Some have written plays, others books and radio shows, more are artists or photographers, but the general thing about them is that they are both very creative and very messy.
I myself take photographs, love it, most people looking at the majority of my photographs probably don’t “get them “ as they say. (the “they” sayers seem to have returned). I draw and doodle a lot and often have conversations and debates with myself and often manage to change my viewpoint momentarily to the other side of the argument before coming back with a killer blow whilst the other side has it’s guard down.
I read a quote from Albert earlier which I quite liked, "If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?"  Many many people inform me that because I have time to blog that I have too much time on my hands and this got me to thinking, if I had too much time on my hands I would probably clean and tidy things.
As anybody who knows me will confirm, my poor long suffering wife included I am probably one of the messiest people on the planet. You should see the kitchen after I have made a meal, even soup can leave a trail of destruction that would make you think you had been burgled. You see my mind seems to go off on tangents of it’s own, of it’s own free will and then that would lead to more thought processes all of which have to be typed out in note form or even in full and saved in a folder on my desktop called random shite!
Occasionally I will dig into this folder and start a new project of some sort and at all times of day and night as well.
 My office gets cleaned and tidied maybe twice a year if it is lucky but I know where everything is, every scrap of paper with notes on, every newspaper tear sheet every reference book or scribbled down telephone number.
So all of this rambling brings me to the question do I think messy people are more creative? I don’t really have an answer for that but what I do know is that once I set my mind to achieve something no matter how long it takes I get there eventually. It took me just over three years to get swim with manta rays in the middle of the Indian ocean and I let my unconscious mind deal with the small steps to making that goal come about and before I knew it there I was.
 I have wanted to go to Iraq for many years to take photographs of the people who live there on a day to day basis and I have almost, almost achieved this goal. To add to this I have also had the opportunity offered to me to go to Afghanistan which is a stunning country from a photographers point of view if not a little volatile at the moment so I will see about that one.
 You see the bottom line is this, if you want something bad enough you will eventually attain it. I do not mean such things as “I want to win the lottery” but things that you can actually do. Think about what you want on a regular basis, feel the ground beneath your feet, the sand between your toes, smell the air, feel the breeze on your face, imagine you are experiencing what you want on a regular basis, I mean really go there, and eventually, you will have it. The world truly is your oyster. Hmmm, I seem to have gone off on one of those bloody tangent things again! Now where’s the bloody hoover gone?
Peace out yall THE BAGSTA XXX

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