Thursday, 4 August 2011

Lightning, x rays and AAA batteries!!!!

Good evening interweb, I have today been wondering about getting that extra boost for my Anti matter catalyzed nuclear pulse propulsion system so that I can get it far enough away from the planet that it doesn’t destroy it upon firing the engines.
This has led me to the mystery of lightning, which many of you may not understand much more than the basics of. I on the other hand with my mind of useless information have a slightly higher knowledge of all stuff sparky!!!
You see the common understanding of how a lightning bolt occurs is thus, In a cloud there are negative particles at the top and positive particles at the bottom. When there is enough charge the two connect causing a bolt of ionized air to flow between them and thus giving us a bolt of lightning.

The puzzling part of all this is, after much research into lightning nobody to date has been able to get anywhere near a high enough reading of charge that would allow this phenomena to occur. There simply is not enough charge there, so what causes the spark to initiate the discharge of energy?
It is my belief that a dying star billions of light years away in it’s final throws of exploding gas and debris emits both x rays and gamma rays. These in turn travel through the universe eventually ending up bailing into earths atmosphere, it is the x rays that then collide with the negative particles in the cloud thus causing the spark that makes the charges discharge and causing the lightning bolt.
So, if I could get enough aaa batteries together and align them in the correct manner, it should only be a matter of time before x rays from a dying star pop along and start the whole procedure and I can leave the planet earth to it’s “New beginning” without destroying it by firing my Anti matter catalyzed nuclear pulse propulsion system too close to it. Genius!
Right then, off to track down some aaa batteries.

Peace out yall THE BAGSTAXXX

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