Friday, 5 August 2011

Comets, stars and killing time!!!!

Good afternoon once again interweb, With my trip into the great black universe getting ever closer I thought I better do a bit of research into what I'm actually getting myself into.
Comets could be a problem, I would imagine hitting one of those things at light speed could leave a bit of a dent in your bonnet but did you know If it were possible to capture and bottle a comet's 10,000 mile vapour trail, the amount of vapour actually present in the bottle would take up less than 1 cubic inch of space..... from a 10,000 mile trail of vapour. C,mon, you gotta raise an eyebrow at that.
Whilst standing on earth which travels through space at an incredible 660,000 mile per hour is 4.5 billion years old and weighing in at 6,588,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons, If you look to the night sky and look for meteors you can see 5 times as many after midnight. That is assuming that you haven’t been drinking as you will probably fall over as you look up and bang your head possibly knocking yourself unconscious, well at least you might see some stars.

When we look at the farthest visible star we are looking 4 billion years into the past—the light from that star travelling at 186,000 miles a second, has taken that many years to reach us. It could actually have long since gone supernova and died sending out xrays and gamma rays which may well fire the charge between my perfectly aligned AAA batteries.
Speaking of things going supernova If a baseball-sized piece of a supernova star (known to astronomers as a pulsar) were brought to Earth, it would weigh more than the Empire State Building. You could imagine the fun you could have with that, paint it like a baseball and watch some sap walk by and try to pick it up, or kick it even, I wouldn’t be able to resist.
Right then, it all looks as though it could get messy and complicated but that has never stopped me getting myself into all sorts of trouble and so I might as well start getting on with things as in the words of Mr Meat if your only killing time it will kill you right back!!!!
Peace out y'all THE BAGSTAXXX

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