Monday, 8 August 2011

Charity, warlords and genocide!!!!!

Hello interweb, I would like to talk today about charity, a thorny subject which can be open to many views. A lot depends on the circumstances as well.
You cannot help but notice at the moment the problems that are being faced by the people of North Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya and surrounding areas.
The television is full of celebrities asking for your £2.00 a month to help feed and water these people. The newspapers are full of articles and information with staggering figures of people dying and starving.
Here are some of the details,
Overall 12.4 million people are currently at risk of dying from starvation in the horn of Africa. 500,000 children under the age of 5 are malnourished, over 650,000 refugees have left Somalia, one child dies every 6 minutes.
Dadaab refugee camp has a population of 388,000 expected to rise to half a million by the years end.
The earth has turned to a dry arid dust which will not support the growth of crops. Aid is being delivered but crime is rife and both small gangs, individuals and warlords are all attacking the food convoys and distribution centres to take control of the supplies for their own gain whilst their own people starve to death.
The situation is getting worse and it will only be a matter of time before the UN is going to be asking for help from the rest of the world and America and it’s allies will be back to try to restore order like in 1993 where the battle of Mogadishu took the headlines.
Here is a list of just some of the warlords that have been operating in Mogadishu and surrounding areas of Somalia alone in the last 10 years.


F cont.
These warlords have there militia and will stop at nothing to get what they want, this includes the genocide of thousands, that’s right, thousands of their fellow citizens.
On Wednesday of the week just past the weak transitional government (TFG) of Somalia led by former cleric Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed arrested five officials including a leading warlord in Mogadishu.
Several hundred civilians on Tuesday marched through the city from the presidential villa demonstrating against violent groups such as Al-shabaab and in support of Somali lawmakers recent vote to extend the TFG’s term by another three years.
In an effort to disperse the crowd, members of the Somali military, who are loyal to Mohamed Dheere opened fire on the demonstrators.
Confused and shaken the crowd ran in all directions, some carrying injured men and women.

A senior state official who asked to remain anonymous told Somalilandpress that Mohamed Dheere was hoping to replace former cleric Sheikh Sharif when his term expires in August 2011. He was infuriated by the Somali lawmakers decision to extended its own mandate by three years.

Mohamed Dheere is considered one of the most powerful warlords in Mogadishu with support from all walks of life including the Somali military and regional police. He is also known for his abuse of power and disregard for human lives.
In 2007, Mohamed Dheere and the former Somali leader, Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, who hails from the Puntland region killed more than 8,636 civilians in and around Mogadishu in a mass campaign against certain clans using foreign and local forces. Elders from the Hawiye clan, led by Mohamed Hassan Haad many times accused Mohamed Dheere and Abdillahi Yusuf of committing a hidden-genocide and crimes against humanity.

So back to my £2.00 For the moment I will not be donating £2.00, however I would willingly donate £200.00 if somebody would guarantee me that the money would go towards buying bullets to put in a gun to go and shoot the people (and I use the term loosely) that are causing a large part of the problem. Mark my words interweb, it only a matter of time before our forces are back there with their hands tied getting shot at and having to watch whilst thousands of people suffer at the hands of these degenerates unable to do anything because political correctness and politics will get in the way..................AGAIN!!!!!
Why do we not have the ability to learn from our mistakes? the mistakes of the past, the mistakes of previous government's previous wars, previous generations.
It sometimes makes me glad that I will soon have the ability to attain light speed and visit other planets and galaxies,

Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

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