Sunday, 31 July 2011

Screaming, antimatter and harnessing my rage;)!!

Well now, look at that, another day has dawned and I'm still kicking and screaming and remonstrating my way through life, albeit in my own mind as I find people tend to get upset when I point out the truth, you know, their obvious floors, misconceptions and the reality of what their actions are actually doing to others. However, I will continue to tell them and point them in the direction of their errors but maybe not with quite so much fervour as before.
Alexander Pope once wrote “ to err is human, to forgive, divine” Alexander Pope quite obviously never had to deal with the retards I have to deal with on a daily basis, otherwise he would not have spouted such utter drivel.
My  inner rage is the only thing that has kept me remotely from exploding, that and my new found method of channelling energy via going to the gym on a regular basis. This brings me back to my quest to attain light speed. Maybe if I could store up all that energy from my rage in some sort of container to release it at the critical orbit of flying off in the direction of Gliese 581. If I could couple that with with Anti matter catalyzed nuclear pulse propulsion it is possible that the velocity required may be achieved. It has to be the only way forward. Fusion power will in no way suffice and variable specific impulse magnetoplasma rocket science or gas dynamic mirror fusion propulsion systems which both use plasma technology would not even get close and I feel are a bit of a red herring.
One of the biggest problems with  Anti matter catalyzed nuclear pulse propulsion is the size of the device required for it to work. They mock people who say " bigger is better " well in this case it actually is, "a big bang" if you will, fnar fnar ooooerrrr mrs.
The lower limit of the device size is determined by anti-proton handling issues and fission reaction requirements, but the concept appears to be feasible using today's technology and infrastructure, unlike either the Orion-type system, which requires large numbers of nuclear explosive charges, or the various anti-matter drives, which require impossibly expensive amounts of antimatter.

So at last we are making headway.
In other news after much wrangling, letter writing, patience (of which I posses a negative amount ), gnashing of teeth,  more letter writing and finally the threat of sending their sorry ass to court Thomson holidays have finally said they will be willing to pay me compensation for my messed up holiday, although they feel they would be able to defend the case they feel that to settle the matter amicably they will pay me off. We are now at the stage of just how much I will accept.
I was at a very empty gym at 07.30 hours this morning to do my circuit training, it is getting easier now so I'm sure I will have to step things up a bit soon to capture more of that energy to couple with my Anti matter drive.
Anyway world till next time.

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