Friday, 1 July 2011

mindless over reaction and mission control back online!!!

Well mission control is back online and I can stop being all nervous that I have no interweb.
Got home from work at just gone midnight and really wanted to play on the ps3 online for a bit so went about trying to figure out how the hell I could do it via the modem direct without using the router. After about 10 minutes it appears that if you choose ppoppeeeepp opp or whatever setting it is you can specify your e-mail address as the ip address and your password is the same as for your e-mail account.
Once I had done this the ps3 gave me around 27 meg down and 7+ up with a Nat type of 1, never in 5 years have I had a Nat type 1. Now that the hub is back up and working I hope it will still all work with the ps3 plugged into lan2 line. Well here's to hoping.
On a totally unrelated matter I saw my tax pound been really used to it’s full potential last night. I was out of hours driving with a doctor and visiting an elderly persons care home. The doctor went inside and I started to do some paperwork when a car pulled up behind and a chap in his late 30s got out with an old lady, I thought he must have taken her out for a while and was dropping her off. He tried the intercom but didn’t seem to get  a response so knocked on the car window.
He explained that the lady seemed confused and had just got into his car when he stopped and thought she must be from the home. The lady was very confused and cold so I sat her in the car and got in touch with one of the carers in the home who came to the entrance. She assured me that the lady was not one of their residents but we got her inside out of the cold and got her a cuppa, then the carer called the police and I returned to my car.
Now this is where mine and your hard earned taxes can be seen to really work in a kind of holy over reaction you fekking retarded moronic kinda way.
Within 2 minutes 4 police officers on mountain bikes turned up and asked if id called about an old lady, I explained and showed them to the entrance of the care home, not 2 minutes later a police riot van turned up, the driver remained in the vehicle but another 3 officers got out and made their way over to me to ask if id called about and elderly lady as her son was looking for her. I showed them the entrance.
Approximately another 2 minutes later and another 2 police officers showed up, I just pointed!!!
As they left to reunite the poor old dear with her son it looked like the shift change at west bar nick.
Now yes it was nice to see such a speedy response but, and this is only my view, a bit of an over reaction and not 2 miles away is the lowedges estate where I'm sure the officers could be put to much better use stopping people breaking into houses and stealing cars. It would have been nice if just 1 officer had bothered to turn up to see me when id had my car broken into but no, I had to go and see them. WTF.
Anyway I just thought you would like to see how your hard earned taxes are being utilised in the South Yorkshire area of the country.

Peace out Yall, THE BAGSTA XX

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