Monday, 11 July 2011

Homing beacons, F1 and the talibans pr department!!!

Happy Monday interweb world, it’s been a mixed bag of a weekend really.
Managed to change my shift from Sunday day to Sunday night so that I could go to a friends party and watch the F1 racing on Sunday, The party was great till my homing beacon switched on and all I could do was think “I HAVE TO GET HOME NOW”  weird as I have not had that beacon switch on for a while, The F1 was “entertaining” I think is the best phrase to use and if Id been Jenson Button I would have had somebodies  bollocks on a stick for the cock up they made on his pit stop.
Lewis Hamilton needs to remove his head from his own arse and stop being such a fucking cry baby. He is “Making demands” for his new contract, who the hell does he think he is, he was unheard of a few years ago and to be honest his driving this season leaves a lot to be desired, His comments in the press, his comments about his team and his comments in general make him look like a small child who has had his toys taken away.
On the other hand, Vettels appearance on top gear on Sunday was nothing short of a PR mans dream, Even I liked him on the show.
Back to the situation of me liking things, I haven't had a lot to like recently but I have been pleasant about it, This is about to come to an abrupt end, I have discovered that fools and morons deserve nothing less than a smack upside the head and shall be implementing this strategy from today.
Another thing I have been testing out this weekend is the power of a smile, If you feel happy yourself and look at a complete stranger and smile at them, 99 times out of a hundred they smile a genuine smile back. Either that or id forgotten to zip up my flies :)
Well its Monday and the weigh in went well this morning, turns out I've lost just over a stone in weight in the last five weeks. I have also been offered free personal training sessions at the gym by one of the PT’s down there.  This is probably not going to end well, The BAGSTA with a personal trainer, whatever next? The Taliban with a PR department, maybe they could help Lewis Hamilton out, they couldn’t do a worse job than hes doing himself at the minute.
Right then apples and bananas and still waiting on ABTA getting back to me re a refund for my holiday, I'm almost back to being a grumpy BAGSTA, watch this space!!!!!!
Catch y'all laters THE BAGSTA XXX

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