Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Flying cows, collapsing universes and poking!!!

Happy Tuesday interweb world, I hope it is treating you as you deserve to be. That means if you are an ass I hope you are having a terrible day and that a herd of flying cows soars overhead and deposits the brown sticky mess that it excretes upon your head.
 If on the other hand you are of  a generally pleasant  persona,  may flights of angels carry you to a  subliminally exquisite experience the like of which only Wednesday being hump day can even attempt to liken itself too.
Ive been thinking again........ never a good sign really. Ive been thinking about how big the universe is of late.  I have come to the conclusion that it is very big. Ive looked at maps and charts and studied stuff for several hours and as such now consider myself to be quite an expert on the subject.
Ever since the Big Bang, (which I do find a childishly amusing phrase) the universe has been expanding and like my waistline once was, has been expanding at quite a significant rate for quite a long time.

There will come a time when, also like my waistline the universe will start contracting and collapsing in on itself, physics and it’s many laws say this to be true, in both cases.
I cannot but help wonder how fast it will contract and begin to collapse and what exactly will happen when the point of collapse reaches earth. I have a theory that we may well be contacted by other life forms or other beings or even our other selves from parallel universes that have existed for at least as long as ours. I think they may try to warn us of the imminent impending doom before buggering off back towards the source of the universe being chased by an ever decreasing collapsing dark matter spewing thing that was once a wondrous thing that we never fully understood or had the ability or imagination to work out a way of exploring.  It is a sad fact that I can have as many wonderful theories as I like but they will all eventually be brutally murdered by a vicious gang of marauding facts.  My head hurts now so I'm going for a lie down before people start poking me again.
Peace out y'all THE BAGSTA XXX

NB. No known universe was harmed or collapsed during the writing of this blog post:)

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