Monday, 25 July 2011

Eureka, mayan's and the end of the world! An insight if you will:)

Hello again interweb, in my quest to discover how to use all of that bit of our brain that we apparently do not use I have inadvertently uncovered a few scary realisations. It has been a bit like when you suddenly remember that name that was on the tip of your tongue. A eureka moment if you will, 
Many of you reading my blog from the beginning will be fully aware of my frequent ramblings about the myth of global warming and my own theories on much of this subject. Those of you who are reading my blog for the first time will im sure assume I am completely mad and send in the men with the huggy huggy jackets.
Actually those of you who have read my blog from the start are probably reaching for the phone as I type.
 It is of no consequence to me, I am above such trivialities as restraints and electric shock treatment.
There is today 514 days to the end of days, thats right 514 until 21st of December 2012 which according to the ancient Inca, Mayans and Aztecs will mark the time of a new beginning. All of these people suffered greatly at the hands off the Spanish when they were off trying to conquer the world but their knowledge of building and astronomy  was much greater than ours at that time. (and probably now as well actually). 
As this time draws closer many things can be seen to be occurring on earth and in the universe that begin to make one realize that this whole doomsday thing might not just be a load of shit talk after all.
I have for a long time had my doubts about manmade global warming as many of you know, but in previous posts I have never denied that the planet could be warming, it is the reasons for this warming that intrigues me and if some of the useless twats that get huge great wheelbarrows of cash to find out why could just take off their blinkers for 2 minutes we may be able to get some actual facts out there to the rest of the world.
You see the poles of our planet are starting to shift, (as I have said before) As Nibiru and it’s dark star get closer to our solar system their magnetic flux will have a stronger effect on the stars and planets in the milky way. The North pole is slowly moving towards Siberia ,and as it has been weather patterns on earth have been changing, more and more storms hurricanes tornados etc are occurring.
There has also been a big increase in volcanic activity and earthquakes in recent years as well. This is due to increased magma activity, again due to the polar shift.
I myself have photographed sunspot activity in the last 12 months and as this increases it cannot be a good thing.

Actually when you look at the reality of it all we have had a pretty good time of it all. I mean we live at the bottom of a gravity well going round a nuclear fireball some 90 million miles away. The prospect of something going wrong with an experiment like that is huge. And I don’t use the word huge lightly either. Imagine if this was all an experiment, it would never pass health and safety people would it. Yet we take for granted everything that we have. Look around you now, look at your life and your friends and do not take them for granted because one day, one day it will all change!
It is a fact that the poles of our gas covered planet have moved before (ask a geologist) and yet only a very small percentage of people are aware of this fact. I think that there may well be some kind of global shift happening and the sudden realisation will for some people be too much to bear and they will implode. Much as the universe itself will....... eventually.
Right then, the nurse says it’s medication time and that I have been out of my jacket far to long today.
Peace out yall THE BAGSTA XXX
NB. Only one small gas covered planet has changed a little during the writing of this post.

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