Wednesday, 6 July 2011

blood pressure, bluebell and balls!

Well hello peeps out in interweb world,  I have had a strange day so far, moments have been a revelation whilst others have just been plain absurd and bizarre but I guess that's what I get for mixing with people who are younger than I am.
Had a doctors appointment this morning to check my blood pressure again. This was probably a bad idea as I had set up to go blowing stuff up on modern warfare 2 last night with a load of clan mates including the returning Haveblue dress wearing bluebell black belt in Nintendo keep outa my fridge bloke.
It transpired that he had loaned his copy of the game to his brother so we had to go and play Black ops shite.
Still, a good turnout including a couple of friends from across the pond.
Played some private free for all matches and a bit of online as well and a jolly good time was had and rather a lot of large glasses of red wine were consumed.  Not particularly good when you are having your blood pressure checked so I assumed that it would be pretty high, but here's the thing, a revelation to me, all this bloody exercise I have been doing has actually been good for me. Despite consuming vast quantities of red wine last night my blood pressure is actually lower than my last doctors visit. Well knock me down with a brick, who'd have thought that.
I do have chapped bits though which are quite sore and nothing to do with drinking red wine or my blood pressure.
After the doctors I went to the driving range with Johnny and lindon, Lyndon, linden, lynden, well however you spell it. Still a bargain if not a little surreal on the way back. Managed to whack a fair few balls a fair distance and got some chipping practice in, actually still pretty reasonable at this golf bats thing.
Not quite sure how we ended up on a conversation about shoving 3 fingers where the sun don’t shine and becoming unconscious but I blame that Lynden character myself. Very strange conversation but funny all the same. Hopefully get back into the golf thing now that my hand is back in more or less one piece, had a few painful twinges but not to bad.
Currently listening to Led Zeppelin 2 and feeling hungry, right im rambling now so here is a picture of a pretty lady with lovely blue eyes. :)
Peace out Yall, THE BAGSTA XX

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