Tuesday, 7 June 2011

You spin me right round baby right round!!!!!!

Morning world, I am today mostly in a lot of pain. You see yesterday I got up early and decided I would have a look at which free classes my gym were offering that day. One of the classes was something called a “spin class”. Now that sounds fun thought I. I had visions of me standing or sitting on one of those rotating disks on the floor doing a bit of aerobic twisting of my fine looking gut, so I thought ill have some of that then and promptly put my name down for a 45 minute session.
Oh dear, as I'm sure many of you chuckling gits are fully aware, a spin class is no such thing. In fact a spin class is probably the most tortuous thing I have ever experienced and has left me feeling like I have been gang raped by rhinos. You see it involves stationary bikes with seats that are made of concrete, it also involves an instructor who shouts a lot and means pedalling your bike at times as fast as your legs will go with variable resistance settings etc for a solid 45 minutes, the most respite you get is the odd 30 seconds to wipe the sweat from your eyes and take a drink but are still pedalling even at these points and as you sit upright the seat has a whole new intrusive feeling.

After my spin class I got off the bike and actually had trouble standing upright, my legs had gone to jelly and had  individual minds of their own and did not in anyway shape or fashion want to go in the same direction at the same time. It made for an amusing walk back to the car across the car park and I'm sure made every ones  day watching from the treadmills.
All that said though, you know it was probably the best workout I have ever had and when my leg function mostly returned I felt very invigorated, it also apparently burns off in the region of 500 – 750 calories and I would imagine a bit of after burn as well.
It is now my quest to find some sort of gel seat cover for the concrete seats so that if I die they won’t have to bury me face down in a Y shaped coffin somewhere in the Serengeti.

Yours with a sore arese, THE BAGSTA XX

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