Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Workout, Green Day and Aliens from another planet!!!!!!

Well, good morning world and how are we all today?
I'm still managing to scare myself and others with my current behaviour, by 08.00 hours this morning I had run 3k cross trained 2k and 20 minutes of weights to muscle failure and I feel full of dolphins or whatever they're called and feeling fine. I am starting to worry about myself now, this is just totally unacceptable behaviour for a Bagsta!!
Got home and the neighbours builders are back, not the one over the road but our immediate next door neighbour. They've been banging and hammering, don't know for how long or if they've stopped as mission control is nearly at full volume with Green Day on the noise maker.
Right then, after watching an amazing TV show last night about Manta Rays (my new best mates) I decided to put together a few more snaps and video of my swimming with the fishes. So with no more of a fanfare or further a do here we go.  All pics and video shot by Baggie Bagsteau!!
 Not sure about this one, may be some sort of Parrot Fish, but he didn't eat anybodies lollipops!!
 Just lots of fish hanging around on their street corner.
 I think this is Titan, the nasty giant trigger fish but can't be certain
 low tide first thing in the morning a couple of feet offshore.
 More Maldivian anemone fish.
 I think these are oriental sweet lips.
 Underwater landscape
 Aliens sent from another planet to keep an eye on my new host and make sure I'm not rumbled!!!!
The aliens leader! disguised as cuttle fish.

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