Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Thomson holiday to Vilamendhoo and a rattle on the back end!!!!!

Evening campers! You know I sometimes think the world IS out to get me, no paranoid delusions or anything like that but the simple fact that some celestial being is truly fucking with me, you know what, I don’t care. Give it your best shot, ill still be smiling and seeing the positive points in it all.
Take the recent Maldives trip, here is the letter of complaint I have sent to Thomson / First Choice regarding our trip to Vilamendhoo.

Dear after travel support team,
 I am very sorry to find myself in the position that I have to write to you to inform you of my utter disappointment in my recent holiday that my wife and I have booked with you. I have been suffering from very high blood pressure and to help lower this we decided to return to the Maldives for the fourth time.
We have booked with you on  two previous occasions and had a fantastic time but our recent trip to Vilamendhoo in the Maldives has been a very big let down and I feel I could do with a holiday to recover from the one we have just had.
Our holiday details are as follows. ################################################
Ref 4656065 Flight 12th May 2011 TOM 188  /  returning 26th May 2011 TOM 189 Total cost of holiday £####.##
I will now give you some details as to why I was so let down by our recent trip, some of the details are beyond what Thomson holidays can control but I feel we should have been made aware of many of the issues before we travelled as we would have expected either a substantial reduction in price or to have chosen another island for our two weeks in the sun.
Upon arrival at Vilamendhoo the beach villa that we had booked had been over booked and so we were upgraded to a Jacuzzi water villa (jwv), whilst many people may have looked forward to this we book a beach villa for a reason, it has a beach in front of it. The jwv’s do not and as we were to be moved after a couple of days there did not seem much point is us unpacking so we had to live out of our suitcases for the first two days.
 After looking around the island we put in a request for rooms on the side of the island away from the main jetty and supplied reception with a list which was basically for any room on the side away from the jetty.
On the morning of our move I was informed that we were to be moved to room 111. Whilst the room itself is a very nice room its location is dreadful. After sitting outside the room for an hour listening to the mechanical digger 200 yards off shore groan and creak whilst it dredged the sea bed for sand to build a jetty I returned to reception and spoke to guest services as the Thomson rep was not available. I was assured in no uncertain terms that there was NO other room available, despite one of the young chaps pointing to a list and saying tomorrow, the guest relations lady said that there were no available rooms.
 I reluctantly returned to room 111 and unpacked. 
Not quite the paradise view I was expecting.
The view from the other side of the island was somewhat better but the building noise was still very loud.
Now maybe it’s because this was our 4th trip to the Maldives that I expect a certain amount of privacy and tropical paradise feel to my holiday that this really wasn’t coming up to scratch. As I sat watching all the people troop past the front of our villa staring at us as they walked by I couldn’t help but feel like I was a busker of some sort on a pedestrian precinct.
The beach itself is very shallow with not much sand before you reach the sea and only receives around 20 minutes of sunshine per day unless you drag your sun lounger to the middle of the path where people would then have to walk around you; incidentally one lady actually did just that. The other problem with this location is that the divers exit the water here and dump all their wet equipment onto your sun lounger whether or not there is a towel on it.
The biggest problem with this location however is the droning creaking mechanical grinding of the digger just off shore. It runs from dawn till dusk and sometimes beyond and really is not what we paid a four figure sum to go on holiday and look at and listen to, If we had wanted that we could have gone anywhere in mainland Europe and not endured an 11 hour flight and 6000 miles.
By day six of our “holiday” I had admitted defeat and despite it going against all the principles of holidaying in the Maldives we went to sit around the pool, not the sunset bar, the one situated to the rear of our room. I have to admit that this was a surprisingly pleasant experience. It was large clean and a total sun trap, the bar was a nice accompaniment and there was hardly ever anybody around the pool, I’m assuming because they had a nice quiet beach area, but it was very nice. That was until more building materials arrived on the island and the work resumed on the garden villa building. The noise from this work actually drowned out the music on my headphones from my iphone it was that loud. So now we were left with a choice, hammering banging drilling and breezeblock cutting or mechanical digger. I took to our room and sat in the shower for several hours.
th or 10th night of our stay I bumped into the Thomson rep at the sunset bar, she made the mistake of asking if I was having a good time, I explained that I wasn’t and the reasons why. She then offered to have us moved which whilst was a very nice gesture along with a $100.00 voucher off a meal at the Asian Wok and or a Robinson Crusoe island experience was I’m afraid a little too little a little too late. We had already had to move after the first two nights and we didn’t fancy having to pack up everything and move with only a few days of our building site experience left.
I would at this point like to point out that had it not been for the amazing house reef and the waiters and bar staff been so pleasant I’m sure I would have exploded in the middle of the Indian Ocean leaving a crater the size of Sheffield which would have meant even more building work.
I understand totally that many of the problems we experienced are out of the control of Thomson holidays but I am also very aware that Thomson Holidays were aware of the work been carried out and as such must take a certain level of responsibility for not informing us before we travelled of the issues that may have arisen.
It is in light of these facts that I believe that we may be entitled to considerable compensation in some way.
I look forward to your timely response in this matter before I decide which course of action to take and whether I should take the matter further.
Yours without prejudice,

Gary Bagshawe

At least I can take my Manta Ray experience away from this disappointing break, something that will stay with me for ever and all the other problems........ Well they seem to make people laugh when I tell the story so there's a positive. :)
Today my celestial nemesis has had another go, I was leaving the gym at around 08.50 hours (I know I'm as confused as everybody else about this) when there was an almighty clatter and rattle type sound thingy from the back end. Please keep your comments to yourself. The end can had fallen off the exhaust system and banging against the body work. After visiting challenger who lightened my wallet even further than it already had been in the last few days I decided lunch at the West End was in order. Very nice angus and chilli burger. I was working out that over the last 2 months the truck has cost me over £1000.00 just to keep it legal and on the road and that's before the mot at the end of this month and does not include fuel costs.
Well one last example would be me trying to arrange some ps3 gaming with me clannies and it was all sorted that tonight from 22.00 hours we would be blowing stuff up and running away from my stabby little Irish friend Hudge, sneaky little fucker. Well the PSN is down once again for maintenance. I cant drink as I have to fast from 22.00 hours for blood tests in the morning but hey, the sun is shining and my belly is full so up yours NEMESIS, I will find out your name and hunt you down. LOL.
Peace out y’all and may you all have better luck than Ive been having.
Reverend BAGSTA69 xxx

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