Friday, 17 June 2011

Motivation, Infinity and (not beyond) steering wheels!!!

Well Ive made it through another day, hard work been your own boss, you have to motivate yourself to get off your arse and do stuff and when you work from home, there are so many distractions, my biggest is my fat shiny ps3, so beautiful. Much better looking than the ps3 slim, strange how i prefer fuller bodied women as well, I'm sure Freud would have had a field day with that one.
Anyway, I have managed to salvage a couple more shots from the trip to the Maldives so thought I may as well share them.
This first one was shot at night on a long exposure with high iso number, no tripod so I kinda bedded the camera down in the sand and set the shutter off with the timer release to prevent any camera shake.

This one was shot at dawn (around 06.30 hours) down by the end of the island away from the water villas. The tide was out and the water in the foreground was only a couple of inches deep right out to the sand bank but you could still see reef sharks and loads of tropical fish swimming about there. Just a shame this wasn't the view from outside our villa.
Ive been looking today at moving my interweb connection thing to bt infinity to get better speeds on all things interwebby and maybe if I get better latency figures get a better connection for online gaming. I'm loathed to leave o2 as they are really a brilliant isp and I have my mobile with them as well so I get fantastic deals. They tried offering me all sorts to stay but they simply cannot match the speeds of infinity. So within the next fortnight I will no doubt be ranting and raving about how the speeds do not match what I was promised and my blood pressure will start rising again although I doubt it. I'm really chilled at the moment, I don't know whats wrong with me.
Hopefully ill grab some cash tomorrow and go and buy the Logitech GT steering wheel for the the ps3 and start crashing all over the place with that as I re-learn how to drive with it instead of a controller. Fastest lap competition will start on Monday for GT5 and all relevant details can be found at under the GT5 section. Hopefully I may be able to get online for a few races later tonight but working tomorrow night.
Sunday looks like we may be meeting up with Jono and Louise for a drink, we met them on holiday and they actually stayed in touch, and want to meet us again for a drink. WOW!!!! I think people are now so used to me being grumpy that they just ignore the grumpyness, hmmmmm time for a change of tactics me thinks:)
Right then, I'm starving, steak for tea.
catch yall laters. THE BAGSTA XXX

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