Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Life, the sun and al qaeda hiding goats in mini's!!

Afternoon world, well interwebything anyhow, been a few days since my last update, this has been generally because life has gotten in the way of my ability to bore myself and others with inane thoughts and ramblings.
 Sunday mainly involved watching BTCC and noting with glee the fact that most of the drivers were taking the piss mercilessly out of Plato for whinging like a girl who had lost her favourite shoes and lipstick. Big cry baby.
This was followed by a rather pleasant early evening drink and eats with Jono and Louise who we met on holiday. You meet people on holiday and say “lets keep in touch” but you never do. Well they were down here in Sheffield and gave us a call so we met up for drinks and scoff. A most pleasant experience, I didn’t spill food down myself or drinks over anybody else and even kept the conversation above gutter level, well for the most part anyway.
Monday came and went as only Monday knows how to, with a sort off the weekends over kiddo get some bloody work done or at the very least worry about something because that will make it better.
Ive never understood that, How we as people tend to worry over things that are completely out of our control as if by doing so it will help matters.
It is part of this philosophy or lack of it that helped me stop smoking. When I got stressed or something bad befell me I would have a cig, yeah, like inhaling a thousand poisoness toxins in the form of lung clinging tar like smoke is gonna help any situation.
  Anyway having swept Monday away with the disrespect it deserves I awoke this morning at 04.35 hours, bollocks!!! I'm damned if I'm getting up at this time despite the sun showing it’s intimidating self around the horizon. I think we should be more than a little worried about the proximity and general unpredictability of a huge ball of nuclear fusion but I will discuss this another time.

Back to Tuesday. Well after an early morning workout at the gym I had the pleasures of the Tesco run, dear lord have mercy on my soul. The car park was an enlightening place on this visit to Tesco’s, it appears that after the death of Osama bin hiding, the new leadership seems to be embracing western technology and has traded goats for mini's, as and when it suits it would seem, and that includes obviously the Tesco run.Maybe I should have checked the back to see if there were any goats hiding in there!! Way to small for camels or horses.

Right then, Chicken dinner and tonight I will mostly be drinking red wine.
Peace out yall, THE BAGSTA. xxx

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