Monday, 27 June 2011

Falling off chairs, and falling in general!!!!!

Afternoon world, Ive had a strange few days this last weekend, The boys went off to Glastonbury and left the pub in Nicks hands for a few days. We went up Saturday and Sunday for "a few drinks" Apparently I fell off a chair at one point but have no recollections of aforementioned incident. I did however discover that having loads to drink then going to the gym the following day is a real bad call though.
Sunday was for the most part a day of watching motorsport, F1 and Moto GP. followed by a few hours on the PS3.
And so to Monday, down the gym by 07.00 hours then back home to shower, just getting out of shower when phone rings, Nick and Kate, Nick has had a fall and made a bit of a mess of himself so off I go to whisk him to the walk in centre. Upon arrival at Nicks location it became all to apparent that he really needed to go to A&E. A brief conversation later about the fact I wouldn't be dropping him off at home and there he was. Latest update having a brain scan. I thought I was a walking disaster zone but Nick's worse than me.
Weather been really hot and muggy all day draining any energy I had left away so done bugger all really.
Called into work whilst at the hospital to get my payslip only to be informed that we are now paid on the last Thursday of the month and not the 27th. Well that's buggered up a load of direct debits hasn't it.
Just tried to rain but seems to have stopped again, could do with a huge storm to clear the air and for me to get some pictures.
They have moved all the equipment around at the gym at the end of last week so trying to find my machines of torture has been a bit of a pain, today didn't bother with any weights but did lots of cardio so hopefully lost a bit more fat. Feel a load better but still not sure about going and doing more spin classes, don't know if my ass will ever forgive me.
And on that note I bid you farewell till the next time.

Peace out y'all THE BAGSTA XX

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