Thursday, 23 June 2011

Clever man that Marcus Aurelius chap

“The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane” Clever man that Marcus Aurelius chap, and it is exactly this quote that brings me back to the catastrophic man made global warming debate again.
You see I think that you will find the majority of people like myself who find catastrophic man made global warming a bit of a falsely advertised phenomenon are old....ish. It’s seen as cool to copy pop idols and rock stars who jet all over the world in their cause to save the planet, you have to see the irony in that one. By their beliefs flying or freight god only knows how many tonnes of equipment around the planet would cause massive amounts of greenhouse gasses to be produced.
You see im old and as such like to look at the evidence first, I hold a healthy level of skepticism which will probably be my downfall one day but as the youth of today would say "MEH"
People are willing to pay a bit more or go without something in the belief that they are doing their bit to save the planet.
Well I believe that the planet is big enough to look after itself thank you very much and has been doing quite a good job of it for a few years now.
Ok, so they could argue that it is a “precautionary principle” Well wasn’t that the same reason George Bush invaded Iraq? A precaution against Saddam having or getting weapons of mass destruction?  So do all these save the planet left wing softy softy ice cream sellers believe in the invasion of Iraq? No didn’t think so!.
I love the way that some people just simply believe, they are sold on it so well that they would sell their soul rather than look at cold hard facts or logic.
I'm not a global warming denier, or skeptic for that matter. The climate of our planet changes, this is undeniable and has been happening for thousands of years, climate stability is not normal and only a fool would say otherwise, there is evidence of such but there are to date no proven facts that say mankind is having an effect on the earths climate.
However with these fanatics logic simply goes out of the window along with common sense and here is partly the reason why.
The Holy Grail for most scientists is not truth but research grants. And the global warming scare has produced a huge downpour of money for research. Any mystery why so many scientists claim some belief in global warming?
"In science, refuting an accepted belief is celebrated as an advance in knowledge; in religion it is condemned as heresy". (Bob Parks, Physics, U of Maryland). No prizes for guessing how my beliefs are taken.
 and so as Marcus advised us, I am trying to escape finding myself in the ranks of the insane :)

Peace out yall, THE BAGSTA XX

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NB:- No planets were harmed during the writing of this blog post.

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