Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Carlsberg dont do bank holidays!

Well wow, what a weekend that was, A Royal wedding, four day weekend a fantastic world snooker championship final, fantastic weather and Osama Bin Laden getting a bullet to the head. Carlsberg dont do bank holidays but thought fuck it well put our name on that one. LOL.
But on a more serious note, Ill start with the royal wedding, I'm not really a royalist or anything like that but am glad we have a royal family. It kind of sets us apart from the countries that don't, They may cost us a a shit load of cash but to be honest with you this country wastes a shit load of cash on worse things. I didn't watch it all but caught bits of it and it was good, Watching a horse drawn carriage get escorted down the Mall by cavalry is a sight you don't see too often and I thought it looked great.
I know its getting close to holiday time as I'm waking up earlier each day, I don't normally see two 09.45 hours in one day but I've been getting up at around 07.00-07.30 hours the last few days. I'm sure this is my bodies way of getting me into the habit of getting up at 06.30 hours to watch the sun rise in the middle of the Indian ocean. Just over a week to go now. Ironed all my holiday shirts over the weekend whilst doing some gt5 endurance bspec events as the PSN is still down, hopefully it should be back online this week.
My blood pressure is on it's way down and I can attribute this to several factors really, Probably not one main one but a combination of things. Exercise, well I'm up to around 20 minutes a day on the cross trainer and it actually isn't that bad. I ain't gonna win any marathons but at least I'm getting exercise and 20 minutes takes me around the 6K mark. It's also a lot easier for me than running that distance as there is little if no impact on my ankles and knackered knees.
I have cut out about half of my salt intake and started eating fresh fruit and drinking fruit juices etc. (now my teeth will probably fall out due to acid erosion) . As you all know I have stopped smoking and it has been 2 months 3weeks and 2 days. All that plus the fact that I have actually realised that I have been getting the sensible drinking habits wrong all these years, Apparently you are supposed to drink 1 or 2 glasses of wine a day..... Not 1 or 2 bottles! Ahhhh, now that could have been a contributing factor but I'm not putting too much weight behind that theory. Talking of weight I've lost 2 lbs this week in an attempt to stop greenpeace from trying to push me back in the sea every twenty minutes when I'm on holiday. This sex god couch potato now resembles a sex god lurrrrve potato. Still spud shaped but a honed spud shape. lol.
I'm not going to discuss that fucker Osama Bin Laden too much on my blog today, I may in future just not today, Just know that I am glad that evil fucker is dead and that ST6 put a bullet in his brain instead of having a bloody trial costing millions that would have gone on forever, Some people are saying that he should have been arrested, some people weren't fucking there were they, a firefight that lasted some time, do you really think they're gonna say, "hey don't kill him man, we gotta bring him to justice" fuck that, you get a shot take that fucker down.
I'm sure the conspiracy theorists will now abound, if they put that much effort into getting a real job maybe the world would be a better place and I wouldn't have to pay as many taxes.
Right then, Carpe Diem. Watch out world here I come :)

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