Friday, 6 May 2011

Liver function, lilo's and manta rays!!!

Well, only a few days to go now till I am away from all the stress of everyday life and all those little annoying things that make me so cross and raise my blood pressure. Liver function tests are not too good neither is my plasma/glucose but that is to be expected I guess.
Final preparations are being put in place regarding security of chateaux bagsta etc and the hunt for the lilo's is in full swing. Oh and I need some new swim shorts for my ever expanding gut. lol
I have been doing a little research of the island regarding my quest to swim with Manta rays and whale sharks this year, and it just so happens that the deep channels either side of the island are frequented by both of these majestic creatures.

The island is also visited by dolphins, sting rays, turtles a variety of different sharks and a whole host of tropical fish. But it's the Manta's I'm really going to see. Ive already been swimming with the others but the mantas and whale sharks are going to be amazing.
I'm already getting into holiday mode despite still having 2 shifts at the hospital to complete, several website updates to deal with and invoicing etc.
I will probably still drop by here a couple of times whilst I'm away sipping back ice cold beers in the bar to update you all of my adventures.
Now where is that emoticon for huge fucking grin:)

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