Wednesday, 4 May 2011

There's a difference between philosophy and a bumper sticker.

Bumper stickers or fender stickers if your reading this from across the pond, I see them all the time and whilst some are very amusing some just piss me right off.
The above gave me a little chuckle to be honest and there are plenty more where that came from.
The kind of stickers that piss me off are the ones that are either on the bumper or in the rear window saying something along the lines of" BABY on Board" well that's not my problem is it, if you'd been more careful and not such a little slapper then you wouldn't be in the predicament your in would you. There really is no need to broadcast to the world what a little slut you are. Or are you trying to tell me that by putting a sticker in your rear view window or on your fender that I will suddenly change the way I'm driving or that I even should change the way I'm driving just because you couldn't keep your legs closed. My god Look a baby on board sticker I must slow down and be extra vigilant about my driving whilst I am in the vicinity of that car there because the occupants can breed.
Fishes are another one. So your a God fearing christian, so what, do you want a medal or something. I worship at The West End pub but I don't drive round with a picture of a pint pot on my bumper do I, and the only thing I fear is my wife.
I'm quite fond of this one as well.
Anyway back to reality and breath....... I sometimes find it disturbing how I view the world and how my mind such as it is works, Been breathing in great big gulps of fresh air today now that I can and managed another 6K on the cross trainer although I have discovered that whilst I am burning off fat and getting fitter, I actually should be doing interval training as this burns fat faster and actually continues to burn fat up to 48 hours after you have stopped exercising.
Did 6K yesterday and walked to the pub as well to meet Ben, I don't see Ben as much as I would like and when we do go for a drink we GO FOR A DRINK! going for a drink with Ben should carry some sort of Government health warning, Every time I tell myself I'm not going to get lathered and every time the jbombs start flowing and I lose hours of my life to an alcohol induced brain blockage. Buy the inevitable kebab and chips with chili sauce, stumble into the house thinking I'm being quiet but we all know a herd of charging bull elephants would be quieter than a drunken bloke trying to get into his house quietly with a kebeb. I have vague recollections of falling up the stairs and swearing under my breath which probably came out more as roar than under my breath and so now I sit here typing this awaiting the inevitable ear bashing when my dearly beloved comes home. Bless her, ill deserve every bit of it and will no doubt apologise profusely but will refrain from saying I wont do it again because that would be a big fat lie. Anyway I wont do it till July because Ben is away till then and if your reading this Ben, cheers for a top night mate and see you in July :)
Peace out yall. :)

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