Monday, 9 May 2011

Planes, trains and taxi's!

Planes, trains and taxi's all booked, including seaplane. Getting ready for 24 hours straight travelling. In the middle of trying to pack stuff up into various cases etc for a trip. As in trip abroad as opposed to wow peace man look at all the fabulous colours and why are you turning into a tree. I'm am quite happy to simply pack a few pairs of shorts, jocks and shirts but Fi on the other hand is a much more organised person. This leads me to the monumental task now of packing. We have to have everything separated into two cases so that if one is lost we will still have stuff each to continue our trip. This includes, and this is not an exhaustive list, bandages, plasters, scissors, nail clippers, pain killers, antibiotics, anti shits stuff, anti allergy stuff, mossy spray, tooth fixing stuff, sun cream, after sun, shower gel, hair washy stuff, shaving foam, razor, tooth brushes, cameras and related equipment, chargers, stereo, fins, masks and snorkel, lilo's, all of which take up a full washing basket, so on top of that we have clothing. Anybody would think we were moving house. What usually happens is we fill 2 cases and weigh them, they are over the allowed weight limit so I then begin to remove MY stuff till the weight is within the allowance. I then remove more of MY stuff to make room for the extra stuff Fi NEEDS to take. After much packing repacking unpacking and repacking I'm left with a few pairs of shorts, jocks and shirts.
Security has been beefed at chateaux bagsta till we get back and the final claymores and c4 will be put in place as we leave, must remember to warn the postman.
I am now slipping into total chill mode which means nothing, and I do mean nothing will stress me out, not even flight delays or neighbours parking in front of the house.
I don't think ill be posting for a few days as I will be spending most of it removing MY stuff from suitcases and then there will be the travelling. However If I can be arsed to find an Internet connection whilst I'm away I will drop by and update what travelling BAGSTA has been up too.

Peace out yall, I'm chillin:)xxx

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