Sunday, 8 May 2011

Lower BP and smug git feeling.

I think im getting the hang of this lower blood pressure malarky. You see normally when I finish a shift at the hospital at 01.00 hours after only a 10m minute break all night for a cup of flowery tea made with nettles (what was I thinking) and get home to see 3 cars parked in front of my house, all of which are visiting my next door neighbour, I would have flown into some sort of dimented rage banging and shouting and revving of engines etc. Instead I calmly pulled up the truck to touch park it against the one bang infront of my house then backed off a couple of cm. locked it and went inside. Had a glass of wine (just the one mrs wembley) then went to bed.
I woke this morning early at around 08.30 hours and got up at 09.00 hours. Called next door to the elderley lady who lives the other side to let her get her car out for church then parked back blocking people in.
I then put on my headphones as I wandered down to the basement to begin a half hour workout and cranked up the volume of the janes addiction album that came on. Whilst pushing hard on the cross trainer I could just hear a lot of slamming of doors and perhaps a lot of knocking on my front door all of which I was oblivious too due to the volume of my ipod. 7K later I glanced down at my bellious giganticus and it had got no smaller. I guess when you reach my age it's harder to move. Not just the fat but the whole body. oh well, as I emerged from the basement the sun shone through the clouds and as I wandered up the driveway the front of my house was clear of cars and I could park in my usual place. No raised blood pressure a smug bastard feeling and steak and eggs upcoming for breakfast followed by F1 from Turkey followed by my last shift at the hospital before holidays.
Sun is still shining and im still feeling smug. LOL
Peace out yall. :)xxx

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